Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Garbage Scooter is a vehicle that made its only appearance in "Don't Rain on My Ed," where it was used by the Eds so they could attempt to arrive at the Candy Store in less than 10 minutes. The speeder is quite good with speed and acceleration, but bad at handling and loses its traction on dirt. They ended up sliding out of control, and Ed and Edd were caught by the Kanker Sisters.

It was constructed by Edd in the Lane out of junk he found in and around trash cans and was destroyed in the commotion after being buried in the dirt pile. The speeder has a top speed of about 20mph and a passenger capacity of three. This was perhaps one of their faster vehicles.

Construction Items[]

  • Plywood (Body Pieces)
  • Half a Crate (Buffer)
  • Trash Can (Steering Wheel)
  • Two Metal Wires (Modified)
  • Four Metal Cans (Wheels)
  • Fire Extinguisher (Motor)
  • Engine (Central Motor)
  • Bike Handles (Steering Piece)