Ed, Edd n Eddy

"It's not gravy after all!"

Fun With Butterscotch Pudding Tuesday is a special event at Peach Creek Jr. High where students can eat as much butterscotch pudding as they want at lunch. In "All Eds Are Off," Ed dived into a barrel of the stuff, thinking it was gravy. It was only later he learned it was butterscotch pudding (it also turns out that Ed's allergic to butterscotch pudding).

Jimmy and Sarah were eating the butterscotch pudding. Jimmy, enjoying it, claimed that he had "love in his tummy" and Sarah replied, "Me too, Jimmy!" Ed thought that the pudding was gravy because of the color and appearance. Posters were hung on the walls advertising the event. Not much is known about this event.

Ironically, Ed won the bet because he thought it was gravy. Because of this, Eddy thought he had won, and he broke his end of the deal, thinking the contest was over. When it turned out that Ed had dived into a tubful of butterscotch pudding and not gravy, Eddy realized that he lost as Ed technically held up his side of the bargain.

Fun With Butterscotch Pudding Tuesday was only mentioned/seen in "All Eds Are Off."