Ed, Edd n Eddy

A bin of fudge at the Candy Store.

Fudge is a chocolate candy treat only mentioned and seen in "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?" Sarah instructed Ed to go to the Candy Store to buy Jimmy and her some fudge with nuts using her allowance money. Fudge apparently costs one dollar at the Candy Store. With pressure from Eddy, Ed gave in and used the money to purchase Jawbreakers instead. After Sarah found out that Ed did not do as he was told, she nearly attacked him before Edd intervened. Edd expressed an apology for the misuse of funds and promised to pay back her entire allowance along with, as he said, the current market-bearing interest (which would allow Sarah and Jimmy to buy even more fudge). In order to pay her back, Eddy quickly came up with scam ideas on the spot, first the wedgies service then the Pinatas scam. Eddy was initially in charge of the scams, but after he used his friends as stooges, they rebelled and created their own scam to take advantage of Eddy. Ed and Edd were able to successfully make enough money to cover Sarah's allowance, one penny at a time. While Sarah was not shown buying fudge, it can be inferred that she did get what she wanted in the end.


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