Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Fresh Butts stand was a fake scam set up by Eddy in "Robbin' Ed." The alleged purpose of the stand was to sell butts that were supposedly fresh but really had been used, to various unsuspecting customers, thus ripping them off. The real purpose was to serve as a trap for Captain Melonhead so that he would swoop in and face off with Professor Scam.


The scam was set up in the lane, and featured Eddy as a dishonest store clerk and Edd as an elderly customer. They followed a script wherein Eddy would convince the old man to buy a butt. Despite his embarrassment, Edd complied, and on cue, angrily yelled that his butt had been used. Hearing this, Captain Melonhead swooped down from the sky, and the dishonest store clerk ducked out. When he reappeared, he was the nefarious Professor Scam.

Abandonment and Aftermath[]

The scam was abandoned as soon as the battle between Professor Scam and Captain Melonhead began. It seems likely that after Professor Scam was defeated, the idea was scrapped, as it's highly unlikely that anyone would need to buy a fake butt, be it fresh or stale.


  • This is the second scam to appear in the episode, with the Thingamajig scam being the first.
  • Professor Scam's getaway vehicle, the Professor Scam Flyer, was hidden under the counter of the scam. Oddly enough, it didn't take off, even though it is suggested that all that was covering it was a sheet of cardboard, which suggests that either Eddy would have been too heavy to get away on it, or that there was something heavy underneath the cardboard holding down the flyer.


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