Ed, Edd n Eddy

The French Fry Machine is a machine the Eds built in order to help Ed peel all of the potatoes for Rolf in "Will Work for Ed." The machine's process started by individually dropping potatoes one at a time into a traffic cone, then through a pipe, which somehow peeled them. The potatoes were then placed into the indentions on a rotating tire while a watering can sprinkled water over the potatoes. The potatoes then slid down a ramp in front of a small motor fan blade which propelled the potatoes through the air and through a tennis racket held up by Eddy which sliced the potatoes into fries.

After Rolf saw the contraption, he gave Ed two pay deductions (one for having visitors with him, and another after he saw Eddy turning them into french fries; claiming that "the spud had been shamed") and almost fired Ed when Eddy started arguing about the deductions before dragging Ed out with him. It's unknown whether the machine was destroyed or dismantled after the events of the episode, but it was most likely dismantled since the Eds had no further use for it and Eddy proceeded to riot against Rolf for his unfair pay deducting.

Construction Items[]

  • Ladders (Ed's working section) 
  • Pipes (Tubes)
  • Traffic cone (Funnel)
  • Watering can (for cleaning potatoes)
  • Tire (Modified to hold and move the potatoes)
  • Potato peeler (for taking off the potato skin)
  • Rubber bands (works the turbines)
  • Tennis racket (used by Eddy to turn potatoes into french fries)
  • 2 boxes (Turbines)
  • Funnel (for taking the potato skin out of the machine)
  • Wheel (Conveyor Belts)
  • Garden Hose (leads the water to the watering can)
  • Gutter (Central Tubes)
  • Poles (Unknown)
  • Sprinkler (for wetting potatoes)
  • Fan (leads the potatoes to the racquet where Eddy is holding)
  • Car engine (to power the fan)
  • Smaller tire (for turning the large tire)

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