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"Yet, it feels unfinished, wanting." --Edd
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Some examples are more literal than others.

In fiction, the fourth wall refers to the imaginary barrier between the characters and the viewers. The term derives from theater and would describe the set having three walls. With the fourth wall being the camera.

Whenever the characters acknowledge they're in a work of fiction, they're breaking the fourth wall. Usually by looking at or directly talking to the audience, or making outside references to whatever medium they're in.

Ed, Edd n Eddy is particularly notable for breaking the fourth wall. Very often they will do it by talking about the technical aspects of the show and animation in general.

List of fourth wall breaks[]

All episodes[]

In the intro of each episode, the Eds move the camera and then crash into it, after which static appears.

Season 1[]

Episode Description
Tag Yer Ed Rolf comments on the background music that plays when Lee plays Eddy like an accordion.
Flea-Bitten Ed At the end of the episode, some of the rabbits jump out of the iris-in effect.

Season 2[]

Episode Description
Know it All Ed After Rolf washes dishes, Eddy considers this a crime and says "25 cents, or 25 days in the pokey!" Edd interrupts and tells him "Wrong cartoon, Eddy." This is a reference to The Quick Draw McGraw Show by Hanna-Barbera.
Knock Knock Who's Ed? After Edd brings up the obvious solution of going to his house to watch the monster-movie marathon, Eddy comments "What, and ruin the plot?" referring to the plot of the episode.
One + One = Ed Eddy pulls Jimmy's outline apart from his body, after which Edd asks happily "Is that Jimmy's outline?" Jimmy then melts.
A checkerboard (very similar to Cartoon Network's 1992-2004 screen icon) transition occurs, while Edd says "An original scene transition. Interesting."
When Three-Headed Rolf rips the screen, TV static is seen behind him.
Hands Across Ed Rolf says that his audition is a "traditional dance of the hairless otter" to which Eddy goes "Next! There's no budget for subtitles." This is a gag referring to the fact no one understands Rolf.
Key to My Ed When Eddy is running from the Kankers, Jonny, who is asleep, lands in his arms and Eddy says "Does this guy sleep through the whole show?"
Hot Buttered Ed After Edd finally admits that Kevin stole their spot, Eddy tells Edd "That's exactly what I said 20 pages ago", referencing the script made for the voice actors.
Cry Ed Edd complains "I think I've lost about 10 pounds this season!" referring to Season 2.

Season 3[]

Episode Description
Wish You Were Ed At one point in the episode, Edd mutters "Let me salvage what is left of this plot."
Momma's Little Ed When Eddy's own guilt takes over, he tells Edd that Kevin wrote those accursed sticky notes, to which Edd objects with "But Kevin wasn't in this show, Eddy."
Once Upon an Ed In Ed's story, the giganticized Kankers fuse their heads together. Upon which a dumbfounded Eddy says "Ed, your story's getting weird!"
For Your Ed Only Kevin mumbles "This show needs subtitles", after being tied to a tree and being told farewell statements in foreign languages by both Eddy and Edd.
It Came From Outer Ed At the start of the episode, Edd is worried that Ed will easily figure out the prank, to which Eddy replies "Stick to the script."
Dueling Eds Edd commented before the duel that the weather effects Rolf summoned for the duel have a frighteningly high budget.
Brother, Can You Spare an Ed? In an attempt to get Ed's dollar, Eddy tells Ed "Let me take that for ya so it doesn't contaminate those badly drawn fingers", referencing the animation style.
After Edd's speech of guilt, Eddy says "Who writes this guy's stuff?"
If It Smells Like an Ed Ed says "I should have all the feeling back in my feet after this word from our sponsors!" Edd, now forced to carry the heavy slab of the sidewalk that originally injured Ed, then groans "Curse broadcast commercialism!" The half-hour episode's first part then immediately breaks for commercials.
Don't Rain on My Ed When the Eds spot the Kankers, Eddy yells "KANKERS!" while Ed yells "EXTREME CLOSEUP!" while the two are both, literally, in an extreme closeup.

Season 4[]

Episode Description
An Ed in the Bush When the first sequence ends, Ed announces it, saying, "End of first sequence and fade to black."
Ed Overboard Eddy says "I'd swear, but standards won't let me!" after being urged to help the Urban Rangers by Edd. Eddy is referring to the FCC standards.
The Good Ol' Ed After Edd finds the Canadian Squirt Gun, Ed comments, "As though it were only second season." The Canadian Squirt Gun did indeed debut in the Season 2 premiere "Know it All Ed".
After Ed remembers a moment from earlier in the episode, Eddy interrupts the flashback by hitting him with a fish before saying "I hate clip shows!"
Robbin' Ed Edd states "I know, that's what we do in every show!" in reference to the Thingamajig scam. Double D exaggerates this as not every episode has a scam.
A Case of Ed Ed broke the fourth wall by saying "That's some good T.V. right there."
Here's Mud in Your Ed Towards the beginning of the episode, Wilfred bites the edge of the next scene and drags it into place.
At the end of the episode, Edd says "An iris-in would be appropriate now, don't you think?" The screen then goes black and shrinks onto a circle of Eddy. This is how many cartoons end. In addition, after Eddy is consumed by the black screen, Edd adds "Thank you."
Stuck in Ed Eddy breaks the fourth wall (and refers to "Ed in a Halfshell") by saying: "Oh yeah! Didn't we win an Emmy for that episode?" Edd then says "Hardly," referring to the fact that they did not win an Emmy Award but were nominated for a Leo Award in 2001 for that episode. This is also the first time an episode is referred to as an "episode" rather than as a "show."
Take This Ed and Shove It In a deleted scene, in what is probably the most overt fourth wall break, Eddy shouts at Danny Antonucci to wake him up from what he perceives is a bad dream.

Season 5[]

Episode Description
Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed Towards the end of the episode Ed finds Edd's lone hat, implying that he has drowned in the sewers. Eddy looks to him with sad wide eyes and objects "But, it's the end of the show, Ed!"
Tinker Ed Near the end, after Sarah and Jimmy take a picture of the Eds in fairy tale costumes, Edd says "Well, best prepare our fairy tale for school tomorrow. It's gonna take a lot of explaining to get out of this plothole."
Who's Minding the Ed? Eddy breaks the fourth wall again when he complains about how he had to deal with Edd on his back throughout the whole episode.
Truth or Ed After Ed stated that "sandals are baked fresh daily" and munches on one, Eddy advises Edd to "Ignore him. Just stick to the script." This is a reference to the voice actors' scripts.
All Eds Are Off During the bus ride, Edd and Eddy enter into an argument. At the end of it, Ed says, "Don't touch that dial, kids," imploring the audience not to change the channel out of boredom after hearing Edd's long winded complaint.
Run Ed Run At the beginning of the episode, as Edd lectured Eddy about last year's field trip, Eddy says "Well don't blame me, I didn't write this script."
There was static behind the part of the sky that was broken when the Eds crashed into it.
A Fistful of Ed Jimmy breaks the fourth wall after Kevin left by saying "End scene", after which the scene did indeed end.
After Eddy drives the Kankers away, Edd states that Eddy had saved him from a cliche show ending.

Season 6[]

Episode Description
Look Before You Ed At the end of the episode, Rolf says "Yes, Rolf finally feels safe enough to appear in this episode." This is the second time a character refers to an episode as an episode instead of a "show" to break the fourth wall.


Episode Description
Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle Eddy breaks the fourth wall and interrupts the Yeshmiyek song by ripping through the background.
The Eds are Coming Ed breaks the fourth wall by saying "Don't look at the camera, don't look at the camera…" as the "camera" pans across the basement to show all the characters.
Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show The Eds escape by finding a car key inside a peanut in an "In Case Of Movie Break Glass" container (a reference to many cases of the sort, usually saying "emergency", not "movie"). After they open it, the find the peanut, to which Ed replies "Cheap movie."
After Eddy gets out from under the billboard that recently crushed him he states "I'm starting to hate slapstick", referring to a comedic style the show frequently employs.
At the end of the movie, as all the kids finally accept the Eds, Edd states that it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie for them to become popular.
During the bonus sequence during the credits, Plank throws a wrench into Jonny's scheme for Cul-de-Sac domination by "stating" that the movie is over to which a confused Jonny replies "What movie?"