Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Fake Bush-Bunker Hideout was only seen in "Ed-n-Seek." It was used as a hiding place from Jimmy during the game of hide and seek. It was at first the perfect hiding place until Ed shot it up into the air with soda fizz (as the Eds were having fun shaking soda and spraying it in each other's faces). Because the Eds assumed that they would be there a while, Eddy had filled it with snacks. Eddy has a similar hideout under his bed, as seen in "The Day the Ed Stood Still."

It's still unknown as to what happened to it upon impact, for the Eds were only shown dazed and confused, with nothing but the discarded snacks in sight. After it crashed, the Eds were forced to find another hiding spot quickly since Jimmy had finished counting and was ready to search for them. It's the very first structure ever built in the show. It is unknown who built it, but it's assumed that the Eds did (most likely Edd). From the outside it still looks leafy like a bush, but the inside depicts a more metallic hideout. Like most structures, it looks larger on the inside than it does from the outside.


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