Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Fad Freak Suit was an outfit invented by the Eds in "It's Way Ed," in an attempt to keep up with the changing fads that the kids were into. It is composed of a set of white overalls, a train set around the waist, a boot on one leg, a bare sock on the other, 2 pinwheel antennae and a rotating sprinkler attached to a mailbox for a helmet, some fuzz wrapped around one arm, and a spring on the other.

The suit was unintentionally created by the Eds when they were trying to create their own fad. Ed accelerated out of control on Edd's propeller fan and crashed into a tool shed. He then emerged with a mass of items jumbled all over his body. The other two Eds were impressed and decided that the suit would make a great new fad. The Eds then went forth into the Cul-de-Sac to try to impress the kids. Ed played with the pinwheels on his head while Edd ran his train set at a high speed with the head mounted sprinkler system activated. Unfortunately, the sprinkler malfunctioned and caused Edd to spin out of control while shooting water all over the place. The kids didn't pay one bit of attention and soon moved on to the next new fad.

The Eds later went home and removed the suits. Eddy was especially relieved, as the mailbox helmet was exceedingly warm. Just as the Eds entered the street, they were shocked to find that all the kids were dressed in fad freak suits. The kids dismissed the Eds as being "miles behind" while Eddy furiously argued that they were the original inventors of the suit. The Eds rushed back to their house and haphazardly put on their suits only to find that the kids had already moved onto another new fad. The suit later appeared to become part of the time capsule in "The Good Ol' Ed."


  • Eddy: [seeing Ed with a fad freaky idea] "Double D, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
    Edd: [looking at Ed in full "fad freaker" gear] "Actually, Eddy, it's hip, it's now… but it smells funny."
    --From It's Way Ed
  • Eddy: "Hey hey hey, what're ya doin?"
    Sarah: [smug] "You are so out of it."
    Rolf: "We are Fad Freakers!"
    Jonny: "It's the latest thing."
    Nazz: "You're just miles behind."
    Kevin: "These dorks always are."
    Eddy: [flabbergasted] "But–that's our fad."
    --From It's Way Ed