Ed, Edd n Eddy
Experimental Soda Pop

The soda.

The Experimental Soda Pop was an invention that Double D created in "Key to My Ed". It is a soda that supposedly never loses its fizz, thus never going flat. The soda is seen to be pink. The science behind it was that Edd multiplied the isolated bubbles of carbon gas, but because of this the mixture was incredibly sensitive and he had to mix it up in the dark. When Ed and Eddy interrupted him and found out what the invention was, though, Ed promptly consumed it, and because Edd he had not yet tested its stability, he ordered him to remain perfectly still. Being the jokester that he is (along with being irked that Ed drank all the soda), Eddy started tickling Ed, making him move a lot, which later resulted in interesting side effects that consisted of Ed going flying and spewing soda fizz out of his nose.


  • Chemicals that are light sensitive, such as hydrogen peroxide, are generally stored in reddish-brown bottles to keep them safe. The soda that Edd created appeared in a similar type of bottle, probably for the same reason.
  • The soda was referenced in FusionFall with a series of missions given by Edd under the name, "Super Fizzy Flying Fusion". Those missions centered around the soda pop (which could apparently make the Eds fly), having been stolen by a Fusion.


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