Ed, Edd n Eddy

En-O-Gee Drinks, which were supposed to be the Eds' version of Energy Drinks, was a scam pulled in "Over Your Ed." En-O-Gee Drinks was one of the biggest failures and among the most simple examples of the Eds' scams that failed. The drink's flavor, as well as the production, ingredients, and sanitary conditions, are still unknown, but the color of the drink is green, so it could be green tea or a real energy drink flavor, perhaps lime. Due to his impatience, Eddy added a ridiculously huge amount of sugar (a whole bag) into the pitcher. When Edd drank some, he became hyper and would stay hyper for most of the episode. Ed, being his clumsy self, broke the stand, and spilled the contents of the drink all over the ground, ruining the little supply they had, and therefore ruining the scam. Kevin and Nazz were the only customers, but they weren't interested.


  • "En-O-Gee" is a play on the word Energy, hence energy drink.
  • This is one of the very few scams without the word "Ed" in it's title.
  • In "A Glass of Warm Ed," Edd recycled the scam's counter and turned it into Ed's Mart, crossing out "En-O-Gee Drinks" and putting the Ed's Mart sign over this scam's sign.
  • A sign advertising En-O-Gee Drinks can be seen in Edtropolis, from "Urban Ed."
  • The En-O-Gee Drinks scam reappears in the comic "Green Eds and Ham". In it, two signs on the En-O-Gee Drinks booth claim the drinks have an "Improved Recipe", and that the price is still 25¢.