Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Elevation Boots, also referred to as the Walking Braces, were an invention that Edd made for Eddy in "A Pinch to Grow an Ed." When Eddy was fed up with the kids making fun of his height, Edd made them for him to help make him taller. They were remote controlled and the height can be adjusted at the push of a button. Eddy showed them off to the Kids. The Kanker Sisters found out about them and snatched the control, destroying the boots in the process. The Elevation Boots made two other minor appearances in the show, being featured in "3 Squares and an Ed" in the cabinet for Edd's failed inventions, as well as being seen on Edd's garage sale table in "In Like Ed," so it can be assumed that he repaired them.


The elevation boots are designed to increase the wearer’s height. The boots are operated by a remote control with a red button. When activated, the platforms can extend themselves, thus making the wearer taller. It also appears that the boots can extend themselves to seemingly infinite lengths as they were able to extend so high, they reached into outer space.


Eddy was busy using the boots but somehow, The Kanker Sisters showed up. Lee snatched the remote from Eddy and started using the remote to tamper with the boots, Ed and Edd attempted to save Eddy but Lee made the boots go higher until it reached all the way to the moon. Lee then kicked the platforms in half and the Eds plummeted to Earth, thus destroying the boots.

Construction items[]

  • Two accordions (Platforms)
  • Various patches of different colors and sizes. (Straps)
  • Two boots (Foot wear)



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