Ed, Edd n Eddy
Edd EggExperiment2

Edd performing the experiments.

The Egg Experiments were a series of experiments that Edd conducted using eggs while the Eds were staying at Rolf's farm in "Rambling Ed." These experiments were done mostly to test the strength and durability of eggshells. In them, Edd practiced balancing various items on eggs, including cinder blocks, buckets of water, and bricks. Ed soon joined in as well, balancing Rolf's tractor while he was using it on top of one of the eggs. Although the tractor soon became unbalanced and tipped over after Victor rammed Ed into it, causing Rolf to fall headfirst into the rest of the eggs and break them. Edd still proclaimed the experiment a success, as the egg on which it was balanced was left without a scratch. Rolf was not so pleased with these results, however, and banished the Eds to the shed.


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