Ed, Edd n Eddy

Eds on Wheels is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, the Eds attempt to win a skateboard competition and claim the first place prize. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Cartoons comic issue #9.


Ed and Edd are passing the time by dropping rocks into the sewer. Eddy then approaches them with news: Kevin is holding a skateboard contest, and the first place prize is $1.

While admiring Eddy's ambition, Edd points out that none of them know how to skateboard. Acknowledging this, Eddy insists they simply teach Ed, and have him enter the contest.

A while later, Edd begins the process of helping Ed learn how to skate. Using a homemade skateboard, Ed tries several times to maintain his balance. Each time, though, he ends up falling. At the same time, Rolf is watching this; finding the situation humorous.

Ed's training is interrupted when Eddy arrives with more news: the contest entry fee is 25¢. As such, the Eds now need to come up with the funds. Eddy, though, has devised a solution.

Boasting that Ed is sure to win the contest, Eddy convinces Kevin to waive the entry fee. In exchange, Eddy will split the prize money 50/50 with Kevin.

Resuming his training, Ed is now attempting to learn skating on a half pipe. Once again, though, Ed falls. This time crashing through the transition of the half pipe.

The following day, the contest is about to begin. A banner reading "Board-O-Rama Skate Contest" hangs over a large half pipe. For motivation, Eddy brings Ed freshly made buttered toast. When running to over get it, Ed trips and injures his ankle.

Informing Kevin that Ed can no longer participate, Kevin now insists that Eddy owes him $5. Not wanting to experience Kevin's wrath, the Eds' plan changes.

Edd will be participating in lieu of Ed. As the countdown begins, Edd gets increasingly nervous. Once the contest begins, Edd freezes up, and does not drop in. Enraged, Kevin now gives chase.

Scrambling to get away, the Eds pile onto the skateboard and ride off. After traveling a long distance, the Eds end up in a desert. Still afraid of Kevin's wrath, Eddy insists they cannot go back.


  • Goof: Kevin’s shirt is orange instead of lime green.