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Eds' Pest Removal is a scam the Eds performed in "Shoo Ed." In the scam, Jonny would come up to a person and pester them. Soon, when the victim expressed irritation, the Eds would arrive and offer to cart him away for a small fee. Eddy first got the idea when Kevin, after being tortured with Jonny's particular brand of annoyance, offered to pay him to keep Jonny away from him.


Eddy got the idea for the scam when he saw Jonny running around, pestering Kevin. Soon, he offered to keep Jonny away from Kevin for a small fee, and Kevin agreed after Jonny broke his bike. Soon, Eddy began to contemplate a business plan based on Jonny's powerful skills of annoyance, and the Eds carried Jonny to a shed, where they taught him to be incredibly annoying by dressing him in a suit, telling him to say "Why?" all the time, gluing a block of wood to his foot, telling him to poke people on the head, and giving him stinky fish breath. Not only this, but Jonny revealed that he was double-jointed, disgusting everybody but Eddy, who thought that this would be an excellent last resort for Jonny.


The Eds then took Jonny out to annoy people so they could get some business. Their first targets were Jimmy and Sarah, who were happily watching a birdhouse they had built. Soon enough, Jonny arrived and ruined their good time. Eddy then offered to get rid of him; after some negotiation, Sarah paid up, and Ed dragged Jonny away, with Jonny commenting that he was "having so much fun!" The quartet then headed to Rolf's farm to try and annoy him.


However, Rolf was seemingly impervious to Jonny's tricks, as apparently such things are a normal way to act in the Old Country. None of Jonny's antics had any effect on Rolf, so Eddy told Jonny to pull out his double-jointed tricks. This scared Rolf and his animals and caused a stampede, which ended up with the Eds trapped in Jonny's containment box with all of Rolf's animals. Jonny then turned the tables on the Eds, extorting them by offering to let them out for payment, or keep them in with the angry animals that he continued to annoy. Eddy refused to pay any higher than a nickel, but every time he refused, Jonny raised his price by a quarter and annoyed the animals.


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