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Eds' Beds was a scam that took place in "One of Those Eds." It had several mattresses to choose from, including the Ed Bed, which was literally Ed as a bed, and the ½ Off Bed, which was literally half of a bed. These mattresses are apparently from the Junkyard and are coated with Eddy's "They'll-Never-Know-They're-Stinking-Junkyard-Mattresses-paint." Of course, when you're sleepy and the Eds' tone of voice is positive, it all sounds good to Jonny. Rolf, however, who experiences the board of wood painted to look like a mattress, is unhappy because his tail bone has been hilariously ruptured. Interestingly, the scam also had a returns desk, which was the only time one has ever been seen and used in any of their scams.


  • The Ed Bed
  • The ½ Off Bed (literally ½ off)
  • The Wooden Board Bed
  • Bed of Plenty (with a sign saying "Designed by Double D")
  • 4 unnamed beds