Ed, Edd n Eddy

Eddy the Christmas Angel is a scam pulled off by Eddy in his guise of Eddy the Christmas Angel.

The Scam[]

After Edd tried to get Eddy to stop being so selfish and learn to relish his family and friends with his angel costume and his subsequent failure, Eddy took the wings from Edd and headed off to Jimmy's house. There, he pretended to be a Christmas Angel, which convinced Jimmy to let him in. Once inside, Eddy greedily looked for presents to take, but found that instead of presents, Jimmy preferred to do holiday baking, and had as part of this baked a "Christmas Village" made of several delicious sweets. In addition, he showed Eddy some of the other things he had made for the holidays. However, the excitement of having a Christmas Angel in his house spread to his bladder, and he headed to the bathroom. When Jimmy came back, however, he found that his angel had demolished his Christmas Village. Jimmy was naturally upset, and he called Sarah to kick Eddy out of his house, thus causing Eddy's scam to end in failure.


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