Ed, Edd n Eddy

Eddy's Magazines are a personal treasure of Eddy, given to him by his older brother. According to Eddy, they are "one-of-a-kind anniversary issues." Their first and only appearance was in "The Luck of the Ed." In that episode, Eddy's mom was cleaning out Eddy's room, and made him throw out all of his "cool stuff", including the box of magazines. Unable to part with them, Eddy relied on Ed to hide them in a safe location. As is typical of Ed, he immediately forgot where he hid them. After retracing the steps Ed took, the search turned up nothing.

It should be noted that although Eddy reads magazines numerous times throughout the series, they may have no connection to this particular stash.

Subject Matter[]

Although it has never been revealed, Eddy's magazines are likely of an adult nature. Several noteworthy details in "The Luck of the Ed" suggest this:

  • Eddy did not want his mother to know about them, causing him to panic at the beginning of the episode.
  • When Eddy tells Edd that he saved the magazines, Eddy whispers the word "magazines" in a suggestive tone. Edd then smiles, and a sultry trumpet riff plays in the background.
  • When Eddy thought the magazines were in the Sewer, Eddy stated that he was worried about the pictures being ruined; acknowledging that the text was not his main concern.
  • Edd joked about the content, sarcastically stating, "Oh, you read those?"