Ed, Edd n Eddy

Eddy's Dream World is only seen in "Once Upon an Ed," where he is the king, owns everything, and everybody loves him.


  • He is referred to by everyone as "Mr. Eddy."
  • Eddy is a big shot and everybody loves him.
  • Kevin is a monkey (because this is what Eddy always wanted Kevin to be as shown in "Look Into My Eds") that rides a tricycle. Eddy is able to trick him into crashing into a tree and Kevin also calls himself a dork whenever he does something dumb or when Eddy tricks him.
  • Eddy now owns an estate with statues of him everywhere.
  • Eddy's estate has trees that grow money.
  • Eddy also owns a Jawbreaker Bank, where all of his fans come to see him.
  • Ed and Edd run the counter where Edd works, files the papers, and Ed stamps them.
  • Rolf has a pin head and calls himself a simpleton.
  • Nazz is in a bikini.
  • Jimmy is in a diaper and has a much bigger retainer made of tools.
  • Sarah has a larger mouth and she & Jimmy are always asking to touch his suit (both are extremely touchy) and he can slap them without repercussions.
  • The bank has an over-sized vault which Ed is the key to, along with a big lock only Edd knows how to open.
  • Ed's head has elastic properties and is used as an elevator to reach the jawbreakers in high cubbies.
  • Almost everything in and around the bank is made of solid gold.
  • Eddy's Jawbreakers are all named after numerous countries, states and cities.
  • Eddy is also smarter than Edd (at least, according to Eddy and his thoughts).
  • Eddy accuses Edd of being a lazy worker.
  • Eddy is dressed as Cab Calloway (complete with a top hat).


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