Ed, Edd n Eddy

Eddy's Better-Than-Jimmy's Play-Safe Suit is a seemingly indestructible set of armor that Eddy wore in "Cry Ed."


Eddy jealously built this suit after Edd made a super-safe playsuit for Jimmy which was just an inflated rubber glove. Eddy couldn't use his arms in the suit but was able to move by means of roller skates. The suit was later broken in half after Rolf smacked it. The purpose of the suit was to grab the attention of the Kids. As a result, he got pounded by Kevin and Rolf.


Eddy got flung into the air. He crashed into Jimmy, making him fall onto a backyard with a dog there. When Jimmy's suit popped, Sarah, Jonny, and Nazz followed him. Eddy fell on top of Kevin and Rolf, crashing all three several feet into the Earth's crust. When Kevin threatened to beat up Eddy, Eddy boasted that the suit was indestructible and Kevin would've hurt himself. Rolf then stuck his tongue out on the suit, then pounded it after finding the weak spot on it. The suit simply cracked apart in half. Kevin and Rolf proceeded to beat Eddy up (but not before Kevin told Rolf to pick a body part to beat up). The helmet most likely fell off during the tussle.

Construction Items[]

  • Potbellied Stove (Torso Armor)
  • Bucket (Helmet)
  • Roller Skates (Footwear)


  • The armor's durability is not fixed, as it was able to withstand a freefall from several stories in the air with no damage, but Rolf was able to break it apart easily with his tongue. Of course, given that Rolf mentioned seeing shoddy spot-welding, it is quite possible that Rolf merely struck the armor at its weakest point, causing it to shatter.

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