Ed, Edd n Eddy

Eddy’s Bed Bunker is a hideout only seen in "The Day the Ed Stood Still." The Eds hid under it after Ed snapped out of his monster persona and the kids realized what was going on. According to Eddy, he keeps a couple months' worth of supplies for when "the heat gets turned up." Most likely Eddy is referring to when he or the rest of the Eds get into situations that require them to hide. The supplies in the hideout mostly consist of various food items as well as an assortment of bawdy magazines.


  • 9 Boxes of Chunky Puffs
  • 18 Cans of Food
  • 5 Bottles of Soda
  • Sausage Links
  • 5 Bags of Chips
  • Tissues
  • Various Magazines
  • Can Opener