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The Eddenheim Historical Museum of the Foundation of the Colony of Peach Creek is a scam that appeared in "A Town Called Ed" as a way to capitalize on Eddy's recently recognized historical heritage. It was the last scam featured in Season 5.


The scam started when, after Kevin invited everyone but the Eds to a party at his house, Eddy began to grouse. Soon, though, he found a lost, dusty book called "Fort Peach Creek" that told of the early history of Peach Creek and showed that his ancestors were apparently the ones who founded the town. This interested Eddy, and he decided that he and his friends should show the kids how wrong they were to snub him.


To this end, he and Ed created a historical replica of Fort Peach Creek in Edd's garage while Edd sent out advertisements to all the kids, telling them that they should visit the "Eddenheim Historical Museum of the Foundation of the Colony of Peach Creek." Despite these efforts, the scam didn't go as expected, as the kids all ignored the invitations and instead went to Kevin's house to watch the monster truck marathon.

TV Special[]

Infuriated at being snubbed, Eddy decided that if the kids weren't going to learn about him of their own accord, he'd force them to learn by hijacking their TV. As such, after he got control of Kevin's antenna, he and his friends put on their own program, which was a reenactment of the founding of Peach Creek.

Soon, though, things went off the rails, with Eddy declaring that Kevin owed him three hundred years of unpaid back rent (something that was not in the script). However, Kevin and the other kids took no notice of this, as after only a few minutes of the special, Kevin had discovered what had hijacked his broadcast and had instead hooked up the Eds' pirate station to the Kankers' trailer. Soon, the trio of sisters poured out and were about to kiss the Eds again when Edd interrupted, saying that it was a crime to kiss them on Eddy's land. At the sound of this, Marie pulled out a sheet of paper that revealed that Eddy's ancestor had lost the land in a gambling match to their ancestor, Lord Kanker, which meant that the Kankers owned Peach Creek, and it was the Eds who owed them three hundred years of unpaid back rent.


  • The Eddenheim's namesake references the Guggenheim art museum in New York.


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