Ed, Edd n Eddy

The labeler's first appearance in the series.

Edd's Labeler is a label maker that belongs to Edd. Its first appearance was in the series premiere "The Ed-Touchables," where Edd used it to label all of his belongings in his room. It later appeared in "Scrambled Ed," when Eddy used it to open Edd's eyes to get him to pay attention to what they wanted him to do for their latest scam. This however failed, and Ed and Eddy were forced to drag him out of the house so they could proceed to work. It made another appearance in "The Good Ol' Ed," where it was shown being placed into the time capsule along with other items.

Its final and most notable appearance was in the movie finale, Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. Edd used it throughout the movie to label stuff throughout the journey. Edd made the error of labeling the car 'Out of Order' as Rolf was able to use the label to track the Eds down (thanks to Wilfred's great sense of smell). Later, he labeled the cabinet drawer in the Lemon Brook Gag Factory, 'Dusty, Dusty, Dusty', after going through the cabinet which was later found by Kevin and Nazz (which proved to them the Eds had been there already and only strengthened Kevin's determination to find the Eds more than ever). He also labeled a bunch of stuff around Lake Garcia State Park before the Eds went to sleep because he claimed that he could not sleep in an unlabeled environment. Right before the end credits roll, Edd is shown putting a label titled "The End" onto the middle of the screen, which is a tie-in and tribute to the first episode.


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