Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Gum.

Edd's Experimental Bubble Gum was a type of gum created by Edd in "For Your Ed Only". In addition to being difficult to chew without cramping one's jaw, it apparently has not been fully tested yet, as Edd was hesitant when Ed began to blow a bubble with the gum. It appears to be a typical bubble gum with the usual pink color, but it was soon proven to have the uncanny ability to create large bubbles, as discovered by Ed. Ed's bubble took on helium-like qualities and was able to carry Eddy, Jonny, Plank and Ed into the air, eventually leading to the Ed's Hot Air Tours scam. The bubble initially seemed to be very durable, but it was soon popped by Kevin with a baseball, who thought it would be funny to send them all crashing into the ground.

The gum made another appearance at the end of the episode when the Eds tried to use it to make a quick escape from Sarah and avoid her retaliation to taking, reading, and messing up her diary. This failed because Edd was unable to successfully chew the gum and blow a bubble. Sarah used the gum to stick the Eds (as well as Jonny and Plank) to the walls of Ed's bedroom as punishment for reading her diary.



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