Ed, Edd n Eddy

Edd's "correctly designed" jawbreaker bank.


The abrupt ending of Edd's dream land.

Edd's Dream World is seen in "Once Upon an Ed." This world appears when Edd continues from where Eddy left off in telling Jonny the story of how they wound up in his bedroom wall. It reflects Edd's ideal of a neat and perfect world.


  • The background is drawn like a blueprint. Everything is dimensioned, including the sky. There also appear to be some mathematical equations around some of the things that are in the background.
  • Trash cans and brooms appear to be everywhere in The Lane.
  • The surface of The Lane in his dream world is brown, rather than the purplish shade that is seen outside his dream world.
  • Edd runs a (legitimate) Jawbreaker Bank with an emphasis on customer service and convenience.
  • Jimmy no longer has a retainer. This is possibly because if Edd was the leader of the Eds, the scam that ruined Jimmy's teeth would have never happened.
  • Ed and Eddy's negative qualities are greatly exaggerated in his dream world. Eddy's intelligence is lowered so it is only a small bit higher than Ed's. Eddy's greed is also more exaggerated and Ed also seems to be as selfish as Eddy, too.
  • Ed and Eddy have a history of driving customers away.
  • Unlike in real life, Ed and Eddy listen to Edd and are submissive to him whenever he scolds them.
  • Edd imagines himself as the leader of the Eds.
  • Edd doesn't seem to be particularly fascinated by jawbreakers, in contrast to Ed and Eddy who are (in this universe) more obsessed with jawbreakers than they actually are in real life.
  • Little is known about this world since Eddy's patience with Edd grew short and he cut Edd's story off (as shown in the above picture) by taking over Edd in the story and saying "I'm a stupid sockhead, and a babbling dweeb who can't lift a butterfly. I wish I was as good looking as Eddy."
  • Edd's Jawbreaker Bank's slogan is: "In Edd We Trust," which is a parody of "In God We Trust," the official motto of the United States.
  • Inside the Jawbreaker Bank, on the wall is a picture of Edd and underneath it, it says "Employee of the Year."

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