Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed Over Heels was an online game playable on the US Cartoon Network website. It is played by using the Z and C or arrow keys and mouse to make the Eds perform tricks to impress Nazz. There are three levels in the game. Each one has you controlling a different Ed, and as the game progresses the difficulty increases.


The game is played by using the Z and C (or left and right arrow) keys to help an Ed keep his balance on a round object while Nazz stands idly by. Once the character has kept his balance long enough, the difficulty is upped by having a ball tossed into the arena, which the player must bounce off his head–all while keeping his balance (Hint: if the Ed is about to fall off while traveling in one direction go the opposite direction to position your balance back into place). After this has been completed, the mouse comes into play. It is used to keep a third object such as a paddle ball going while the other two tasks are kept up. Each Ed has four lives before the game is lost.

Note: a life is only lost if an Ed falls.


Level 1: Eddy[]

This is the first level of play. In this level, Eddy has to balance on a log, bounce a balloon off his head, and keep a plate spinning on a stick.

Level 2: Edd[]

This is the second level. Edd has to balance on a tire, keep a beach ball in the air, bounce a frog on a tennis racket, and keep a fishbowl spinning on his finger.

Level 3: Ed[]

This is the third and final level. Here, Ed has to balance on a unicycle, bounce a basketball off his head, play paddle ball, and juggle three objects. Once this level is complete, the game is won, and you can get a printable picture of the three Eds from Nazz herself.


  • When you succeed in balancing for a certain amount of time, Eddy throws in the additional items for Edd and Ed, while Edd is the one who does it for Eddy.
  • Ed is the only one of the Eds who doesn't have his own victory screen of just him and Nazz together in this game. Instead, this was substituted with a victory screen where all of the Eds are with her.
  • The song featured through the game is called "The Big Booper" by Andrew Hamilton, which consists of the first part of the song on loop.
    • The same song was featured in "Pin the Tail on the Ed" level on the GBA version of The Mis-Edventures, modified to be played with the console's sound font.


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