Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed Flakes cereal is a scam that Eddy came up with at the end of "Sorry, Wrong Ed". He came up with it when he believed that his string of bad luck from a cursed phone was over, and he decided to celebrate it by conducting a scam. Although it was late in the evening, he decided to embark on a cereal venture, something Edd was quick to note as an idea more suited to the early morning. Eddy's excuse for this though, was that the cereal wasn't everyday cereal, but rather 100% Curse Free. Unfortunately for him, his curse reappeared at that moment, and his scam was wrecked by a falling tree, stampeding hippos, and a number of unfortunate (although increasingly hilarious) incidents.


  • The "Ed Flakes" in question were just Chunky Puffs with a drawing that Ed made taped over the front of the box to disguise the brand.
    • Ed's drawing actually mimics the scene in "Tag Yer Ed" where the Eds sit down to eat Chunky Puffs.


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