Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed Co. is a company that was created by Eddy in "They Call Him Mr. Ed." The purpose of the scam was to simply go 'up', to be on top of the world: the word 'up' mainly describes the company. Eddy was President and C.E.O., Edd was the Vice President, and Ed acted as a builder who seemed to be working independently of Ed Co.'s on-site operations. Jonny and Plank were the mailroom managers, Nazz was the secretary/receptionist, Jimmy was the interior decorator, and Rolf and Victor were security officers. Kevin and Sarah were the only ones who did not join Ed Co. (because Kevin was disinterested and Sarah is not featured in the episode). The main purpose of the scam is not officially known. The trouble was that Eddy had made an organization with no clear purpose, making it impossible for it to make a profit. He does seem to be receiving many calls from unknown callers, evidenced by the large amount of phones on his desk.


The first elevator that Edd made.

The scam's prize jewel was a tall elevator that Edd built early on before the scam began. Ed added loads of materials to the elevator during much of the episode, and as a result, was not seen for most of it. Later, Kevin destroyed much of the “office” when he and Rolf were fighting over trespassing law. When Eddy rhetorically asked Rolf, "what do I pay you for, anyway?", the Kids realized the lack of payment for their jobs and abruptly quit. Without completely losing the spirit of "up-ness," Eddy and Edd tested the elevator with Ed and rode it up to the moon (which was a crescent barely large enough for the three Eds). The weight of the Eds causes the moon to tip over and demolish the elevator, leaving the Eds to dangle from the moon.

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