Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed-Land is the name of the scam the Eds created in "Eds-Aggerate." Ed-Land was a small amusement park with an Ed-petting zoo and a "Lawn Chair Carousel", named "Lawn Chairs Orbit Earth Ride." The park was operational until the lawn chair ride broke down due to Eddy overloading it with a recliner. The imbalance in weight caused the recliner to fly off of the ride and across the street into Kevin's house, breaking his window. The Eds had to abandon the scam to "fix" the problem.

Lawn Chairs Orbit Earth Ride[]

The Lawn Chairs Orbit Earth Ride is the infamous ride the Eds built that broke Kevin's window in "Eds-Aggerate." The ride was part of their Ed-Land scam. Ed spun the chair around rapidly as a test for the scam, but his push proved to be too much when the chair went airborne and flung itself and Eddy into Kevin's window. Eddy claimed that the "Mucky Boys" were to blame for the incident instead. The ride was two lawn chairs hanging from a rotating clothes hanger which still had clothes hanging from it. It was also seen in the background at the Junkyard in "Dueling Eds," which reveals the fate of the ride.

Construction Items[]

  • Washing Line (Body)
  • Lawn Chairs, plus a Reclining Armchair with Ottoman (Seats)
  • Crank Handle (Turning Device)

Ed Way[]

Ed-Land's spiritual successor was Ed Way in "The Day the Ed Stood Still." Both scams are based on the idea of amusement park carnivals. Unsurprisingly, both carnivals were never opened due to mitigating circumstances involving the destruction of one of their attractions.


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