Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Complete Third Season is a DVD compilation of Season 3 of Ed, Edd n Eddy. There are no special features present. While the Complete First and Second Seasons were the only compilations to be released on DVD in North America previously, the Complete Third, Fourth and Fifth Season DVDs were exclusively released in Thailand by MVD Company Limited. In addition, Western audiences could only access downloads of the subsequent seasons via iTunes and Amazon (for this season only), up until the The Complete Series DVD set was released in 2022.


  1. "Wish You Were Ed" / "Momma's Little Ed"
  2. "Once Upon an Ed" / "For Your Ed Only"
  3. "It Came From Outer Ed" / "3 Squares and an Ed"
  4. "Dueling Eds" / "Dim Lit Ed"
  5. "Will Work for Ed" / "Ed, Ed and Away"
  6. "An Ed in the Bush" / "See No Ed"
  7. "X Marks the Ed" / "From Here to Ed"
  8. "Boys Will Be Eds" / "Ed or Tails"
  9. "Is There an Ed in the House?" / "An Ed is Born"
  10. "Gimme, Gimme Never Ed" / "My Fair Ed"
  11. "Rock-a-Bye Ed" / "O-Ed Eleven"
  12. "The Luck of the Ed" / "Ed... Pass it On..."
  13. "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?" / "The Day the Ed Stood Still"


  • Some episodes from this season aren't featured in this DVD set, such as "If It Smells Like an Ed", "Don't Rain on My Ed" and "Once Bitten, Twice Ed". Instead, episodes featured from Season 4 are included; "An Ed in the Bush", "See No Ed""Is There an Ed in the House?" and "An Ed is Born".
    • Furthermore, the third season's A.K.A. Cartoon logo was featured at the end of "See No Ed" and "An Ed is Born", suggesting that all four episodes were originally part of that season, but production wasn't complete after the remainder of the season was finished.
  • While advertised as having 5.1 audio on the cover, the episodes on the discs themselves are in fact presented in dual mono.


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