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Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Complete First Season is a DVD set of the first Ed, Edd n Eddy season. It was released in North America (Region 1) on October 10, 2006. It was later released in Australia (Region 4) on July 7, 2007 distributed by Madman Entertainment. As of November 16, 2009, this season is available to buy on the US iTunes Store, for $19.99, or $1.99 an episode.[1]


These episodes were placed in the way they appeared on the DVD.

Disc 1[]

  1. "Pop Goes the Ed" / "Over Your Ed"
  2. "The Ed-Touchables" / "Nagged to Ed"
  3. "Sir Ed-a-Lot" / "A Pinch to Grow an Ed"
  4. "Dawn of the Eds" / "Virt-Ed-Go"
  5. "Read All About Ed" / "Quick Shot Ed"
  6. "An Ed Too Many" / "Ed-n-Seek"
  7. "Look Into My Eds" / "Tag Yer Ed"

Disc 2[]

  1. "Fool on the Ed" / "A Boy and His Ed"
  2. "Laugh Ed Laugh" / "It's Way Ed"
  3. "A Glass of Warm Ed" / "Flea-Bitten Ed"
  4. "Who, What, Where, Ed" / "Keeping up with the Eds"
  5. "Eds-Aggerate" / "Oath to an Ed"
  6. "Button Yer Ed" / "Avast Ye Eds"

Bonus Features[]

These bonus features are available on disc 2.

  • Interview with the Creator
  • How to Make an Ed, Edd n Eddy Cartoon
  • How to Draw Eddy
  • 28 Days Later
  • Crybaby


  • This DVD displays "Pop Goes the Ed" & "Over Your Ed" as the first episode of the season, though the first episode is actually "The Ed-Touchables""Nagged To Ed""Pop Goes the Ed" is the second episode in chronological order.
  • This DVD is divided into two volumes. The first volume contains episodes from "The Ed-Touchables" to "Who, What, Where, Ed". The second volume contains episodes from "Fool on the Ed" to "Avast Ye Eds".[1]


  • This set has seen a few re-releases
    • In 2019, Volume 3 of 4 Kids Favorites - Cartoon Network Hall Of Fame Collection Season 1, Disc 1 was included in this.
    • Also in 2019, the entire first season was re-released with a new slipcover and CN Hall of Fame Collection branding.
    • In 2022, the season was repackaged into Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Complete Series.[2]



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