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Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Complete Fifth Season is a DVD compilation of Season 5 of Ed, Edd n Eddy. There are no special features present. Currently, seasons one and two are the only compilations to be released on DVD in North America. The Complete Third, Fourth and Fifth Season DVDs were exclusively released in Thailand by MVD Company Limited. Western audiences can only access downloads of the subsequent seasons via iTunes.


  1. "Out with the Old, In with the Ed"
  2. "Mission Ed-Possible" / "Every Which Way But Ed"
  3. "Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed" / "Cleanliness Is Next to Edness"
  4. "I Am Curious Ed" / "No Speak Da Ed"
  5. "Cool Hand Ed" / "Too Smart for His Own Ed"
  6. "Who's Minding the Ed?" / "Pick an Ed"
  7. "Truth or Ed" / "This Won't Hurt an Ed"
  8. "Tinker Ed" / "The Good, The Bad and The Ed"
  9. "Tight End Ed" / "'Tween a Rock and an Ed Place"
  10. "All Eds Are Off" / "Smile for the Ed"
  11. "Run Ed Run" / "A Town Called Ed"
  12. "A Fistful of Ed"
  13. "The Eds are Coming"


  • "Out with the Old, In with the Ed" through "I Am Curious Ed" / "No Speak Da Ed" are presented in dual mono, while the rest of the episodes are stereo.
  • Though "Mission Ed-Possible" was the first episode out of the season to air, "Out with the Old, In with the Ed" is listed as the first. This would make more sense due to the characters starting school in that episode, whilst in "Mission Ed-Possible", everyone were already in school. The same scenario applies for the iTunes release of Season 5.


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