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Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show is a made-for-television movie based on the popular Cartoon Network series Ed, Edd n Eddy, which serves as the series finale. The movie first aired in Scandinavia on May 31, 2009, then in Australia on June 5, 2009, Southeast Asia on June 13, 2009, Italy on July 24, 2009, Latin America on September 27, 2009, Spain on November 6, 2009, the United States on November 8, 2009, in Poland on December 30, 2009, in the United Kingdom on July 17 and July 18, 2010, in France in August 1, 2010, and finally in United Arab Emirates on August 19, 2012. The movie centers around Ed, Edd and Eddy's search for Eddy's Brother who, until this point, was an unseen character.


Ed, Edd, and Eddy's newest scam goes awry, injuring several of the neighborhood kids and angering them in the process. Because of this, all who are affected (Kevin, Nazz, Rolf, Jonny, and Plank) go on a rampage, looking to exact their revenge upon the Eds. The Eds, however, have an ace up their sleeve and escape in Eddy's Brother's Car. When the Eds manage to escape the Cul-de-Sac by the skin of their teeth and head off to find Eddy's legendary big brother, each of the wronged children swear vengeance, with Nazz and Kevin giving chase on Kevin's bike, Rolf riding Wilfred with the intent to lay down some righteous Old Country vengeance, and Jonny donning the mantle of Captain Melonhead in order to chase down some villains with the help of his sidekick, Splinter the Wonderwood! Sarah and Jimmy also get drawn into the fray, although their stake is much more hedonistic: to simply see the Eds get slaughtered. All is not well for the kids, however, as this quest has gained them some angry, formidable foes in the form of the Kanker sisters, who are going on the warpath in the name of rescuing their "boyfriends".


The following was released on an Ed, Edd n Eddy fansite, The3Eds, on November 8, 2008, taken from the CN Block Party issue:

Oh, Brother! Hold on to your Jawbreakers because Ed, Edd n Eddy are back this November [date withheld because it has been changed]. In a brand new feature-length movie! This time Eddy has gone too far and pulled a prank that has the whole neighborhood gang after him. And only one person can save him...his legendary, never seen before, older brother! Cartoon Network kicks off the fun with a 'Best of Ed, Edd n Eddy' marathon and wraps up the night with a HUGE movie event! So round up your buddies for this hilarious premiere on [date withheld because it has changed] at 7:00 pm on Cartoon Network!

An incorrect scheduling situation in the UK, in February 2009, gave fans more info about the movie, courtesy of Yahoo! TV Listings;

After a scam goes badly wrong, Ed, Edd and Eddy are forced to hightail it from the cul-de-sac. Panicked, Eddy suggests they hideout at his Brother's place at least until the dust settles. Agreeing, the Eds embark on an epic journey through uncharted territories to locate "Big Bro's" whereabouts... unaware that the enraged neighborhood kids are tracking them down for a 'dork' pounding!


The Cul-De-Sac is empty and eerily quiet, save for the Lane, which is completely destroyed. The camera then turns to Ed's room, where Ed, clearly in a panic, rushes in and immediately begins filling one of his socks with as many of his belongings as he can, including his Sponge Collection and some buttered toast. He then rushes outside, interrupting Sarah and Jimmy, who are pretending to make a movie. Meanwhile, at Edd's House, Edd is heard sobbing, with many of his belongings beside an open suitcase on his bed, while Edd himself tries to write a letter explaining the incident to his parents. Before he can bring himself to finish, Ed comes bursting through his door. At Eddy's house, Eddy is also seen packing up his personal items into his suitcase, panicking, as he hears someone at his back door. Ed rushes in, hoisting Edd out of his sock, but as they hurry to escape, they sense the other kids coming and manage to hide in Eddy's Brother's room, using wallpaper to camouflage and disguise the door (though very poorly).

While hiding in the room, Eddy locks the door with several powerful locks, bolts and even a chain. While the Eds cower in a corner, Eddy accuses their current situation as being Edd's fault. Eddy pushes Edd over to the door to listen for the other kids, using a glass to hear, but Ed startles him with a loud crunch as he begins eating his toast, then Edd accidentally drops the glass. The noises cause the kids to discover their hiding place and try to break the door away. While Eddy and Edd desperately try to escape through the window and a heat vent (both of which are closed off with bricks), Ed attempts to ride away on a Preserved Camel in the room, which pitches him backwards into a fire-alarm like box marked as "In case of movie, break glass". Eddy breaks open the box, but it only contains a peanut. Just then, the kids manage to break open the door partway, causing Ed to break open the peanut in his anxiety, revealing a key. Eddy immediately realizes that the key is for his brother's car. The Eds pile in, but the car won't start. Just as they realize this, the kids manage to get through the door.

The kids come rushing in, all of them horridly maimed in one way or another: Rolf has had much of his midsection bitten off, Kevin is bruised and burned, Jonny's head is clenched by a bear trap, Plank is nicked and cracked, and Nazz has had most of her hair sheared off and is wearing only a cardboard box. Ed thrusts his feet through the car's floor and literally carries the car out of the room and smashes through the house and on to the street. The kids, meanwhile, pursue the Eds on a wild chase through the Cul-de-Sac, the junkyard and the construction site. Rolf nearly manages to drag Ed out of the car, catching up to them on his pig, Wilfred, but the Eds manage to shake him off. Ultimately, however, the kids manage to catch the Eds. Rolf uses Wilfred and his curly tail to tear off the car's roof and the kids manage to climb the car and prepare to attack the Eds. While Ed and Eddy pin the blame on each other, Edd manages to grab hold of the merry-go-round. As the car spins wildly around, the other kids (plus Wilfred and Plank) fly off, although Kevin warns them, "You dorks ain't seen the last of me!". Edd eventually releases his grip on the merry-go-round, sending the car (and the Eds) flying off through the sky, up and out of the Cul-de-Sac, and eventually out of Peach Creek all together.

The other kids regroup, with Kevin telling them that they can't let the Eds get away with destroying the lane and wounding them like this. Kevin runs off to fetch his bike, with Nazz following him. Plank "whispers" something to Jonny and the two of them run off as well (Jonny only saying that Plank had read his thoughts and Jonny saying that it was time to call in "the special forces"). Rolf stands alone, swearing to spit the Eds upon his pitchfork in revenge. Sarah and Jimmy decide to follow as well, taking a picnic lunch, just for the sake of watching the Eds get clobbered.

The Eds themselves, meanwhile, have landed in a desert. Though their car is in shambles, they realize that they have escaped from the kids, at least for now. However, their joy is soon soured after Ed crashes their car into a huge rock, effectively destroying their only means of transport. After Eddy and Edd each vent their anger over the situation, Eddy tells them that the best course of action would be to make a beeline for his Brother's place, as Eddy's brother is feared by most of the kids. Though Edd expresses his doubts, he eventually agrees, but not before leaving a label on the car marked "Out of Order".

Meanwhile, back in the Cul-de-Sac, the kids are preparing to hunt for the Eds. Jonny and Plank decide to become Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonder Wood, their respective superhero alter-egos, revealing the location of their lair, the Melon-Cave, which is very elaborately hidden under a tree in Jonny's yard. He nimbly leaps from roof to roof and sets out to scour Peach Creek for the Eds. Kevin and Nazz, riding Kevin's bike, rush out to follow after the Eds. Kevin's rage causes him to go very quickly, splattering both himself and Nazz with insects, blinding him and causing them to crash into a peach orchard. Kevin apologizes, seemly to Nazz, who attempts to hug him in forgiveness, but it is revealed that he was actually apologizing to his bike, which has been damaged in the accident. While he attempts to repair the bike, Kevin tells Nazz they need to determine where the Eds are going and take the shortest route to that location since there is no possible chance that the Eds would dare return to Peach Creek after what they did. After he asks Nazz for a hair clip to repair his bike, he then asks her who is the only person in the world that Eddy would turn to for help other than his friends. Nazz suggests that person could be his brother. Kevin initially applauds her intelligence, but immediately realizes that Eddy's brother will not tolerate them chasing Eddy. He and Nazz rush off in pursuit on the newly repaired bike. Because of the hasty fix-up and the damages done as the result of the crash, however, Kevin's bike has been reduced in speed rather greatly.

Rolf, after loading many provisions and weaponry on Wilfred, rides off atop the pig in pursuit of the Eds and finds the wreck of the car in the desert. After lunging out from behind the rock, armed to the teeth and thrusting his pitchfork around wildly, realizes after a confused glance from Wilfred that the Eds have been gone for hours. Rolf, using a muffin, an egg and a bottle of olive oil, searches for evidence of the Eds, but just as he finds something, Wilfred eats the evidence. However, after getting into a tussle with the pig, he finds the label left by Edd. Giving it to Wilfred so that the pig could sniff out the Eds, Rolf menacingly proclaims that he will have the Eds "on a spit by nightfall".

The Eds, meanwhile are marching through a field of cows, eagerly anticipating their arrival to Eddy's Brother's place. Eddy reveals that, though he is leading the way, he doesn't have a clue where his brother actually lives. However, he pulls out a postcard to show to Ed. Edd attempts to examine for the postmark and discovers the mark has been smeared, making the address illegible. Ed amuses himself by drawing a picture of Eddy on a cow's udders, until Edd takes the crayon he was using to make a chart. Using the chart, Edd discovers that from their past experiences with Eddy's Brother's legacy, such as a stink bomb, a hot sauce recipe, and a fake treasure map, that Eddy's Brother is a jokester. While Edd tries to determine where Eddy's Brother could learn about such pranks, Ed points out an ad in his comic book, telling about a gag factory in the nearby town of Lemon Brook. Edd points out that Eddy's Brother has to either work there or, at the very least, be a regular customer to the gag factory and Eddy confidently predicts that his brother is there right now.

Sarah and Jimmy, meanwhile, are skipping gaily through the Cul-de-Sac, looking forward to their picnic lunch and view of the coming Ed-bashing. However, Jimmy balks at the entrance to the Trailer Park, where the Kanker Sisters live, because of his bad experiences with the Kankers. Sarah runs off without him, but Jimmy musters his courage and follows. He takes a wrong turn and is captured by the Kankers. As they torment him, he lets slip that the Eds are in danger, raising the Kankers' ire, but is saved by Sarah's arrival. Though she challenges the Kankers, she is no match for the three older girls and is pinned down and tortured by means of a "Wet Willy". Jimmy tells them what he knows upon seeing this and the Kankers, determined that no harm will come to their "Boyfriends", decide to hunt the other kids to help the Eds. Lee has a feeling that Sarah and Jimmy may know where the Eds are going, so the Kankers hold them hostage while they travel.

Meanwhile, the Eds are walking through a field of tall sunflowers. While Ed and Eddy goof off, Edd attempts to make use of a jerry-rigged sextant to find the gag factory. After Ed and Eddy hear the word "Sextant" escape from Edd's mouth, Eddy snickers and pretends not to hear what Edd had just said and asks Edd to repeat himself, and Edd does so, now prompting Ed to giggle. Eddy again fakes not hearing what Edd had just said to him, so Edd repeats the word again, putting Ed and Eddy into fits of laughter. When Edd realizes what exactly was so funny about the word, this being the first three letters in the word sextant, his face turns red and only says in response it would not be too funny when the sextant found where the Gag Factory was located. The Eds make it to the factory, where their attempts to break in via the back doors are unsuccessful, prompting them to try the front doors. As they run around to the front of the factory, the camera pans out to the fence of the factory, ominously marked with a sign saying "Keep Out". Rolf, in the meantime, has found the cow field and decides to dismount Wilfred to collect some milk as part of an "interrogation". However, he knocks over a link of sausages, which baits Wilfred into wandering off.

At the factory, the Eds have broken through the locked front door, but the factory is deserted. Upon looking at Ed's comic once again, they find out that the factory has been out of business for some time. While Eddy and Ed amuse themselves with some leftover gags, Edd attempts to sift through the company files to find any record of Eddy's brother, but all the papers have turned to dust. He marks the cabinet with a label and goes to find Eddy and Ed, who have mysteriously vanished. He finds them both, Eddy with a cleaver through his forehead and Ed with a fork through his head, scaring the daylights out of him, until they both reveal their injuries to be gags. Ed seemingly apologizes, offering Edd a prank can of jelly beans, loaded with a thousand spring-loaded snakes, which launch out of the factory (taking Edd with them) and shower down across the countryside. Kevin and Nazz see this and see the derelict factory in the distance. Kevin immediately realizes that the Eds are responsible for the rain of snakes.

Back in the cow field, Wilfred is feasting on Rolf's sausages, when he sees Rolf pretending to be upset, but actually preparing to spank Wilfred as soon as he returns. Seeing this, Wilfred revolts against Rolf, attacking Rolf in a frenzy, dropping all of Rolf's supplies back on Rolf before running off to hide. Rolf gets up, battered, bruised and with his head hopelessly stuck inside a meat-grinder. Ed and Eddy, meanwhile, are searching for Edd, who is stuck at the top of a waterfall. Ed throws Eddy at Edd to dislodge him. Though they both tumble down the waterfall, both are unharmed, Eddy saving them with a trick his brother taught him. Eddy then mentions that his brother is a whiz at harpooning whales. Edd, realizing that Eddy's brother is a whaler, reasons that he must live near the sea and the Eds decide to build a boat to follow the river.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Jimmy have been enslaved by the Kankers, who are using them to draw their battle-wagon. However, they manage to break free of the Kankers thanks to a clever ploy on Sarah's part, slamming a paint can on Lee's hand, while Marie, lunging forward, accidentally impales herself and Lee through a tree, leading to May attempting to recapture Sarah and Jimmy herself. Back in the Cul-de-Sac, Jonny and Plank are getting nowhere in their search for the Eds. Plank decides that they should take a bus. Despite Jonny's own reservations about going on a bus, he ultimately is impressed by Plank's determination and declares that they are "taking a bus to justice!".

Kevin and Nazz arrive at the gag factory to find that the Eds have fled before they arrived. While Kevin and Nazz search the office, Nazz finds the label left by Edd, showing it to Kevin. Taking another opportunity to try and get close to Kevin, she attempts to flirt with him, but the floor gives way beneath her. She falls on a lever, causing the factory to spontaneously start up again. A conveyor belt picks up Kevin's bike and, as Nazz attempts to rescue it, it snags her as well. Kevin manages to rescue his bike just as it is about to fall into a mulcher, but Nazz falls on top of him, knocking them both (and Kevin's bike) into it.

The Eds, still at the waterfall, are building their boat to freedom. To avoid disturbing the wildlife, the boat is built in the shape of a duck. During this, Ed catches Edd's hat and it comes off, though what is under it still remains a secret. Edd then christens the boat the "S.S. Mutant Almost a Chicken Duck" and the Eds set off down the river. Back in the field of sunflowers, Sarah and Jimmy are attempting to evade the pursuing Kankers. As they flee, they discover Wilfred, having fled there after his attempt to escape Rolf. By using a candied apple, Sarah and Jimmy manage to befriend the pig and they ride him out of the sunflowers and escape the Kankers. Back in Peach Creek, Jonny and Plank board their bus. Plank hijacks the bus and the bus is seen traveling towards downtown Peach Creek.

Down the river, the Eds' boat has been wrecked. It had been caused, according to Edd, by an unpredictable current that caused an inevitable collision. After Eddy says that all he knew is that they were in a swamp in the middle of nowhere, Eddy then says his brother would not be impressed with the now-ruined boat. Edd then loses his cool and asks Eddy if that was what he thought about all this time: that Edd went on this quest just to impress Eddy's Brother, that Edd would forsake his home and family for something so trival. While Ed plays in the water, Edd then says that maybe Eddy's Brother would be more apt to talking about Eddy's and Ed's immature behavior. While Eddy and Ed frolic around in the swamp, Edd tries to maintain order.

Ed and Eddy amble into a pool of quicksand and begin sinking. Edd tries to save them, but fails, and the duo seems to drown. Edd begins blaming himself for their deaths, crying out in utter anguish. However, Ed and Eddy reveal that it was all just a joke and that the mud is only ankle-deep. Edd, feeling utterly violated, storms off with Eddy tagging merrily along behind. A short distance later, Edd smacks Eddy's hand away and lashes out at Eddy for wasted sincerity because Edd honestly thought he had lost his only friends in the world, while Eddy is just trying not to laugh at Edd's words, at first believing that Edd is just putting on an act. Continuing to vent his anger, Edd says that it was Eddy's desire to scam that brought them into big trouble in the first place. Ed says impulsively that he helped as well, but Edd just glares him down with a dangerous look in response. Edd returns his attention to Eddy, blaming Eddy and his scams. Enraged, Eddy yells at Edd that he wasn't completely innocent either, as he was the one who built the machine in the first place; however, Edd fires back saying that Eddy was the one who hadn’t paid any attention to what Edd told him and pushed the red button, causing the machine to malfunction. It spurs the two to get into a full-out brawl, with Ed ordering his two friends to stop fighting, but to no avail. In a rare show of physical strength, Edd kicks Eddy off of him and declares he is heading home, to which Ed tries to stop Edd by saying that returning home now would spell certain death, but Edd, fed up with Eddy's behavior, tells Ed that he would much rather be a man and take the consequences, even if they might be death or worse, than wander aimlessly with a "so-called friend".

Devastated and Enraged, Eddy furiously yells at Edd to go home and that he doesn't blame him for his course of actions, since everything that happened to them so far was all of his fault. Overcome with guilt after letting all of what happened finally sink in to him with the blame being pointed directly at Eddy, starting from the destructive failure of the scam, to he and his friends being chased out of Peach Creek, continuing onward with the adventure without any source of survival, and with Eddy having no possible idea where his brother lives, up until this fight, Eddy begins crying hysterically, which stops Edd in his tracks. Eddy again admits that he is the one responsible for the failed scam that brought them here, calling himself a "foul-up wannabe loser". Touched by Eddy's apology and instantly remorseful for making him cry, Edd forgives him and rejoins the trio, and they continue onwards to Eddy's Brother's house.

Meanwhile, Nazz and Kevin tumble out of a pipe and into the swamp, having led there from the factory. While Kevin begins wiping the muck off his bike, Nazz is furious and revolted that Kevin obviously cares more about his bike than he does about her. Nazz then angrily slaps Kevin and wanders off to build a fire. After finding her, Kevin attempts to reconcile with her and succeeds. As the two begin to share a tender moment, Kevin interrupts it to go and get his bike out of the cold. Utterly disgusted, Nazz knocks Kevin down, seizes his bike and hurls it into a tree. While Kevin, predictably, rushes to retrieve it, Nazz screams from the camp and Kevin returns to find the camp ransacked and Nazz nowhere to be found. Later that night, it is revealed that Rolf has also ambled into the swamp, blind from the meat-grinder on his head and flails around miserably in an attempt to find his way. He is seemingly hit by a car, breaking open the meat grinder at long last. However, it is revealed that the "car" is actually the Kankers with two flashlights and a wheelbarrow. Immediately recognizing Rolf as one of the Eds' pursuers, they immediately take him as their prisoner.

The Eds, meanwhile, are exhausted from their long day. As they continue onwards, by the light of a group of fireflies, Ed cannot move any further and decides to call it quits at a small, abandoned park. While Eddy and Edd attempt to settle in, including Edd labeling everything in the vicinity, the Eds attempt to fall asleep in the far-from-hospitable accouterments. The next morning, Kevin, walking onwards with his bike, is trying to comprehend what has happened to Nazz, wondering if that she was getting back at him for something that Kevin had no knowledge of, but spots the silhouette of someone who appears to be Eddy. Kevin jumps on his bike and goes racing off in pursuit, but "Eddy" is actually Marie, who is luring Kevin into a trap. Sure enough, Lee and May knock Kevin off his bike and capture him, completely destroying his bike in the process. Meanwhile, the Eds are waking up hungry, the obvious reason being that they didn't have enough time to pack any food before being run off from the Cul-de-Sac. While Ed goes racing off to look for food, Eddy and Edd following, they end up running off a cliff. However, they are saved by a Ferris wheel, but Ed's fear of heights overcomes him. He tries to escape, which causes Ferris wheel to launch the Eds directly into the Amusement Park sign. Edd notices that the sign for the amusement park, Mondo A Go-Go, matches the image on the postcard Eddy has from his brother. Upon realizing that Eddy's Brother lives in the park, the Eds frantically begin searching the park, finding a trailer shaped like a whale. Remembering that Eddy's Brother used to be a whaler, the Eds immediately realize that Eddy's Brother lives in that trailer. Sarah and Jimmy, still riding Wilfred, are also seen to be heading directly for the park.

Just as Eddy is about to knock on the door, the Kankers arrive, announcing that they have captured Rolf, Kevin and Nazz and have all of them tied up. At the same time, Wilfred, Sarah and Jimmy arrive, surprised that the Eds are still alive and well. Kevin manages to break free of his bindings, but is immediately suppressed when Eddy reveals that this is his brother's home. Then, to most of the kids' horror, Eddy knocks on the door. Eddy's Brother answers, and seems to be everything Eddy ever said; benevolent, cool and protective of Eddy. Though he makes a few jokes about the kids, even calling Edd Eddy's girlfriend, he agrees to let the Eds stay. While most of the kids are either softened by Eddy's obvious affection and admiration of his brother or frustrated that the Eds have escaped their wrath, it is cut short by a sudden, sharp protest from Eddy. Over the next few minutes, Eddy's Brother reveals his true colors, as he brutally mistreats Eddy for his own amusement, twisting his leg around and throwing him repeatedly against the door of his house, which he calls "playing uncle". The other kids (including the Kankers) are sickened by Eddy's brother's disdain for his little brother's admiration, and soon their distaste turns quickly to rage when he mercilessly attacks Edd for trying to defend Eddy by pounding him into the ground like a nail. It's at this moment that everyone has an epiphany: they all realize that the reason Eddy was who he was wasn't because he was a bad guy deep down, and that all he really wanted was friendship and recognition - something his older brother never gave him, and as a result, Eddy became an emotionally wrecked, insecure character who just wanted to fit in. While Rolf, Kevin, and Nazz advance menacingly against Eddy's brother, Ed, in a rare show of intelligence, removes a bolt from the door which Eddy is clinging desperately to, causing the door to break loose and collide with Eddy's Brother's face, knocking him off his feet and leaving Eddy battered and unmoving several feet away. Eddy's brother sways unsteadily and says "Uncle" as he falls weakly to the ground, having been knocked out cold. Ed and Edd rush to Eddy's side.

Eddy, merely staring blankly upwards, finally reveals himself and tearfully admits to everyone that he made up everything that he ever said about his brother. It was all a misguided attempt to fit in and be liked. He goes on to admit that everything he's done has been wrong: scams, lying about his brother, and the preceding events, then asks in despair if he will ever learn. The other kids, having been moved by this apology, immediately realize that the rest of the Eds also wanted to be accepted like Eddy does and they rush forward as if to attack. However, the kids embrace the Eds as friends. Rolf awards Eddy the "Traditional Victory Armpit Rub", Nazz kisses Eddy on the cheek, and Kevin, for the first time, speaks to Eddy admiringly, calling him "pal". Sarah even embraces Ed, whom she has always loathed. As the Kankers muse over how Eddy's Brother isn't so tough after all, just then, a bus suddenly pulls up and Jonny and Plank rush out. Oblivious to the other kids' forgiveness of the Eds for everything they've done, he attacks and defeats all three of the Eds, giving Eddy, who tried to stop him before he attacked them, more injuries. Just as he gloats over his victory, the other kids mercilessly attack Jonny in defense of their new friends. Kevin then invites the Eds to his house for Jawbreakers. Eddy hails that the Eds are finally "In". Edd then breaks the Fourth Wall by stating that it only took "130 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie". Ed then suggests that they sing a song. The kids walk off, holding the Eds high, singing the "Friendship Song", while Jonny lies broken on the pavement, with Wilfred munching on his Melon Rind helmet and the Kankers dragging Eddy's Brother inside the trailer for a little "Mouth to Mouth". Marie then rushes with the door that Ed broke and puts it back into place.

Edd labels the TV screen, "The End".

Back in the Cul-de-Sac, after the end credits, deep within the Melon-Cave, Jonny scans the area as he giggles crazily, driven insane by the kids' betrayal of him. He declares that Captain Melonhead's goody-goody ways are over and that he will rise again. He takes on the mantle of The Gourd, while Plank becomes Timber the Dark Shard. Maniacally, he swears to have his vengeance upon the Cul-de-Sac. However, Plank tells him that there isn't enough time left in the movie, to which Jonny replies, "What movie?"

The End (for real this time).

The AKA Cartoon logo is displayed with a melon rind in the background.

Cast and Characters[]

  • Matt Hill as Ed, one of the three main protagonists of the film. He is still behaving immaturely, but acts really nice to his friends. In this film, he is referred to as the bravest of the group. His convincing sadness touches Eddy, causing Eddy to change his behavior. It is revealed that his greatest fear is the Eds breaking up. At the end, he becomes less dimwitted and much braver than he was previously shown earlier in the series.
  • Samuel Vincent as Edd, one of the three main protagonists of the film. He is the smartest, of course, but got in some arguments with his friends. In this flim, he helped out a lot with navigation, as he did help the Eds get to where there were going. Eddy blames him for the scam's destruction of the Lane, causing Edd to question his friendship with Eddy. At the end, he becomes friendlier to Eddy and less angry with his friends when they do mischievous things.
  • Tony Sampson as Eddy, one of the three main protagonists of the film. He still has his greedy and immature behavior and love for his brother until he learns from his mistakes. When Edd calls Eddy a "so-called" friend after a full-out brawl with him after he plays a not so funny joke on him, he becomes very sad and emotionally wrecked because all he ever wanted was just a friend or more to begin with, even going as far as to admitting that he was responsible for the destruction end of the scam, and this proves true at the end of the film, revealing to everyone his true nature, when he gives up his old ways after his brother is discovered to be a fraud, and then all the kids (except Jonny) forgive him for his past schemes after seeing why he wanted to be popular and they all become his official friends.
  • David Paul Grove as Jonny 2x4, the secondary antagonist of the film. He and Plank portray Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonderwood on the run for the Eds. Jonny appears to be the nuthouse for still carrying Plank around and tormenting the Cul-de-Sac. At the end of the film, upon arriving at the amusement park he finally gets to the point in beating up the Eds only to have the rest of the kids retaliate against him (because he was the last to arrive at the park). After the credits, a scene shows him back in the Melon Cave, plotting his revenge. Plank however tells him that there is no time left in the movie, to which he replies, "What movie?"
  • Kathleen Barr as Kevin. He brings Nazz with him on the quest on his bike. Even though he brought Nazz along with him, all he cared about was his bike making Nazz angry, and decides to dump him.
  • Erin Fitzgerald as Nazz Van Fartanschmeer. She went with Kevin along for the quest. She trusted him with her life, until she found out that Kevin only cared about his bike.
  • Peter Kelamis as Rolf. He brings Wilfred, Victor, Bridget, Gertrude, and a load of other things with him on the quest. All he cared about was killing the Eds and he abused Wilfred. His pig eventually leaves his wrathful owner, and doesn't seem to be returning to him.
  • Janyse Jaud as Sarah, who goes along with Jimmy for the ride. This time, she has to trust Jimmy rather than vice versa as they are kidnapped by the Kanker Sisters.
  • Janyse Jaud as Lee Kanker, shown as the leader to saving the girls' "boyfriends" before the Cul-de-Sac kids get to them.
  • Kathleen Barr as Marie Kanker, determined to stop the kids from beating up on her "Cutie-Pie".
  • Erin Fitzgerald as May Kanker, one of the Kanker Sisters wanting to save her "Big Ed" from the neighborhood kids.
  • Terry Klassen as Eddy's Brother, the true main antagonist of the film. At first, he seems to be everything the kids have heard of from Eddy, but in reality he is a sadistic, ruthless, contemptuous, and cruel young man who ravenously desires his pleasure for torturing Eddy. He is ultimately beaten when Ed sends the door from his trailer flying towards him, knocking him out cold. He was last seen in the movie dragged by the Kanker Sisters back in his trailer.


The movie was completed on December 18, 2008, and wasn't in the hands of Cartoon Network until January 1, 2009.

According to EEnE fansite Edtropolis.com, the movie had a private screening at Rio Theatre in Vancouver, on April 1, on A.K.A. Cartoon and The Curiosity Company's 15th birthday, which all of the cast and crew attended.

The movie first aired in Scandinavia, on Cartoon Network Nordic, on May 31, 2009, two months after the original planned air date, of March 29. The trailer shown building up to the premiere showed the Eds all putting on some sort of rings (used in many European EEnE ads) while it shows some of the scenes of the movie, including Eddy's Brother's car (with Kevin hanging onto the window of the car) crashing out of Eddy's House, the Eds sailing a boat, and Sarah with a cardboard camera.

Australia was the next country to air the movie, on June 5. A trailer aired in Australia, showing other clips from the movie, only this is a trailer for new shows airing on CN in June. Scenes include the Eds on a cliff, Eddy ramming Ed and Double D's heads together and the Eds in a field.

Later that week, Jack2468 also confirmed that an actual trailer for the movie aired. He posted that the movie footage was in 16:9 widescreen (a first for Ed, Edd n Eddy), Kevin on his bike and Rolf wearing warpaint and riding Wilfred chasing The Eds in Eddy's brother's car in the junkyard, Ed powering the car by carrying it and Eddy "steering" the car (with only his three hairs visible). He heard dialog such as Ed saying "Where are we going, Eddy?" and Eddy replies saying "My big bro's place!". The movie aired in CN Australia's Popcorn Fridays Movie Block.

Just days later, another trailer aired with Wilfred with heaps of suitcases (and Rolf) on top of him, walking through some desert area and the kids (and Plank) on a bus headed to 160 Downtown which changes to Vengeance. This trailer was later used for Southeast Asia, which aired there on June 13.

The movie then aired on September 27, 2009, in Latin America.

It was then confirmed on fansite Edtropolis.com that Danny Antonucci found out the movie was airing in the United States on November 8, 2009. Afterwords, a trailer was released for the "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show Weekend Marathon", a weekend of Eds' episodes before the movie. The only movie scenes in this trailer are Eddy and Edd falling off the waterfall and Jimmy and Sarah in Mondo a Go-Go (though Eddy's brother still isn't visible). Another trailer specifically for the movie was released on Cartoon Network's website and YouTube (courtesy of Bunji from The3Eds) showcasing various scenes from the movie, but trying not to spoil it too much.

As of November 16, 2009, the movie is available to buy from the US iTunes Store, for $5.99. [1]

The movie premiered in the UK on July 17, 2010 on Cartoon Network Too at 9am and later again at 5pm in the "Meathead Movies and Specials Weekend"; it also aired the next day at 12pm. It was never once referred to as a movie, only a special.


The movie was watched by 2.268 million viewers in its original broadcast in the United States.[1] Most fans enjoyed the movie, citing it as "epic", "heartwarming", "emotional" and, of course, "funny". However, some were more critical, citing that most of the movie, especially the sunflower fields, the scenes with the rest of the kids and the Kanker sisters, factory and swamp scenes as nothing more than filler in order to prolong the movie, without any real use to the plot and that the characters only stop with the filler in order to offer exposition. The most critical review was that it had no plot and many fans were especially upset that they did not show what was under Edd's hat, probably because Danny Antonucci wanted it to remain a mystery. The opening chase was especially praised. The fans were pleased by the ending, but many were upset that they couldn't hear the post-credit roll scene with Jonny and Plank becoming villains due to it being overshadowed by a commercial. However, later US airings of the movie featured the scene in full, unobstructed by commercials.


Country Continent Airdate
Scandinavia Europe May 31, 2009
Australia Australia June 5, 2009
Southeast Asia Asia June 13, 2009
Italy Europe July 24, 2009
Latin America South America September 27, 2009
Spain Europe November 6, 2009
United States North America November 8, 2009
Portugal Europe December 22, 2009
Poland Europe December 30, 2009
United Kingdom Europe July 17, 2010
July 18, 2010
Turkey Europe September 11, 2010 (TNT)
December 31, 2010 (CN)
France Europe August 1, 2010
United Arab Emirates Asia August 19, 2012


  • Goofs:
    • When Eddy's Brother's Room was first seen in "O-Ed Eleven", the door was hidden behind a fake wall and barricaded from the outside. Here, the door is plainly visible and barricaded from the inside.
    • When Ed careens through his bedroom door, he slams it onto the wall where his bed is. The next time that wall is in frame, the door is nowhere to be seen. Just as Ed leaves, however, the door can be seen on the wall again.
    • Ed has visible injuries upon entering his room. In the backyard, when Ed throws his sponges into the air, he appears uninjured. Moments later, when making his escape, he appears injured again.
    • In the opening scene, the lane is shown completely destroyed. When the Eds escape the kids' wrath in Eddy's brother's car, they maneuver the lane with no visible destruction.
      • The Eds may have avoided the destruction by landing on an untouched part of the lane.
    • Ed's right shoe and sock are absent for most of the movie. During Ed's escape, he took off his shoe and used his sock to carry his possessions.
    • When Kevin hollered "YOU DORKS AIN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!. A closed captioning error reads it as you thought they have seen the last of me instead.
    • Edd claims he has difficulty sleeping in an unlabeled environment. Previous episodes, however, do not reflect this conditioning:
    • When Kevin unties Nazz (as she dreamily looks at Eddy's brother), the blue bandana used to gag her is missing. When the camera pans back to her, the bandana reappears.
  • Eddy's ID card from "Your Ed Here" appears in the stuff that explodes out of Eddy's suitcase. Also, the Chicks Galore magazine from "Little Ed Blue" can be seen as well.
    • Eddy's previously unseen student ID card can be seen later in the film. This happens when Eddy pulls out and opens his iconic chain-wallet to retrieve a postcard. On his ID, his school picture from "Smile for the Ed" can be seen.
  • As the Eds run through Eddy's upstairs hallway, silhouettes of Eddy's relatives can be seen on the wall.
    • A framed salesman award can also be seen in the upstairs hallway. This likely belongs to Eddy's Father. In "Ed, Ed and Away," Eddy remarks "I did everything my dad does. How come he sells stuff?" Thus suggesting the correlation.
  • The movie contains evidence that the series takes place in the 21st century. A glass in Eddy's Brother's room reads "Peach Creek Diner 2000 Best Eater".
  • Nazz's last name is revealed to be "Van Fartanschmeer".
  • The Melon Cave was first mentioned in "Robbin' Ed", but makes it's debut appearance here.
  • Rolf yells at Wilfred during the egg frying scene, exclaiming "Do you think this is party time for 1999? No!" This is a reference to the musical artist Prince, and his hit song "1999".
  • Just before entering the cow pasture, several of the Eds' lines reference the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. Eddy says "If only you had a brain, Ed." To this, Ed replies "C'mon, Eddy, have a heart!" Edd, from behind, then says, "Courage, courage Eddward."
  • Interestingly, Eddy doesn't know where his brother lives. In "Nagged to Ed", Eddy claims to have sent him a postcard. In "An Ed is Born," he receives a box of presents from him in the mail. Both these actions imply that Eddy knows the address. It is possible, though, that his brother moved at some point between these two episodes and the movie.
  • In the cow pasture, Ed says "The hills are alive, Eddy!" To this, Eddy replies "Yeah, with the sounds of an idiot." This is a reference to the 1965 film, The Sound of Music.
  • Kevin mentions "Eddy and his two stooges". This is a reference to the famous comedy team, The Three Stooges.
  • While making his case that Eddy's Brother is a jokester, Edd references several past items and episodes:
  • When Eddy shocks Ed with the electric gum, Ed transforms into previous versions of himself seen throughout the series:
  • When Edd and Eddy fall from the waterfall, several interesting items can briefly be seen under the splash they make.
    • One of these items is a sign that reads "Digital". This references how the show changed from hand inking, to digital inking at the start of season five.
  • When preparing to launch the S.S. Mutant Almost a Chicken Duck, Ed accidentally removes Edd's cap. Eddy responds with, "My eyes! They're burning!" Ed then asks, "Does it hurt, Double D?" Both reactions suggest that whatever is under Edd's hat is an abnormal deformity, or a beyond-serious injury.
    • This contradicts the episode "Stop, Look and Ed", where Eddy had a more delirious reaction to seeing what was under Edd's hat. It is possible that Eddy was either joking, or that whatever Edd hides under his hat worsened over time.
  • Eddy reveals that his brother is a fan of the classic TV series, Matlock.
  • When Plank drives the bus, the city in the distance bears a close resemblance to Vancouver, Canada, the city where A.K.A. Cartoon is located.
  • Several noteworthy advertisements can be seen on the sides of the city bus:
    • AKA Mowers (reference to the production studio, A.K.A. Cartoon)
    • Christine's Rice Cake Hut (reference to inker, Christine Li)
    • Gag Factory (presumably referring to the Lemon Brook Gag Factory, which oddly, has been abandoned for about 10 years)
  • As Ed and Eddy "sink" in the quicksand, Ed says "To all the girls I loved before." This is a reference to Julio Iglesias, and his famous 1984 cover of the song "To All the Girls I've Loved Before".
  • As Edd walks back home, a sign can be seen that reads "Uncle Stumpy's Animal Park". This is a reference to an episode of The Brothers Grunt, a previous series by A.K.A. Cartoon.
  • The theme park name, Mondo A-Go Go, may be a reference to the movie Monster A Go-Go.
  • Eddy’s Brother is voiced by Terry Klassen, the voice director for the show.
  • At the end, when Captain Melonhead attacks the Eds, Eddy cries "Jonny! No! Wait!" This implies Eddy already knows that Jonny is Captain Melonhead. He likely learned this before the movie, as the other kids too saw through Jonny's alter-ego in "Robbin' Ed".
  • From the very beginning, the movie appears to be set in summer. Likewise, the characters weren't seen wearing their fall or winter clothing, as was usual in season 5.
    • At the end, Edd refers to the series by saying "And it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie, Eddy." This implies the events of season 5 have already happened, and that the characters are on their next summer vacation.
  • At the end of the movie, the A.K.A. Cartoon logo has a watermelon background; a tribute to Captain Melonhead.
  • In the Italian dub, after Edd almost ditches the group, Ed declares that the Eds are now "like Ambarabà ciccì without the coccò." This is a reference to the first line of an Italian nursery rhyme, Ambarabà ciccì coccò.
  • Throughout the movie, numerous lines from previous episodes can be heard:
Prepare for Rolf's water-laden bovine bladder!

—Rolf, "Out with the Old, In with the Ed"

Plank's freaking out!

—Jonny, "Out with the Old, In with the Ed"

You're going down, dude.

—Kevin, "They Call Him Mr. Ed"

Downtrodden rabbit radishes!

—Rolf, "They Call Him Mr. Ed"

Where are the Duke of Deli Meat's hearty edibles?

—Rolf, "Stiff Upper Ed"

I forget what we're doing!

—Ed, "For Your Ed Only"

I'm getting stretch marks!

—Jimmy, "My Fair Ed"


—Ed, "Here's Mud in Your Ed"

That's stupid.

—Eddy, "Wish You Were Ed"


—Eddy, "Who Let the Ed In?"

Let's sing a song!

—Ed, "Gimme, Gimme Never Ed"

Second verse, same as the first!

—Jimmy, "If It Smells Like an Ed"

  • The movie breaks the fourth wall several times:
    • The key to Eddy's Brother's car is behind a glass case labelled "In Case Of Movie Break Glass". Upon breaking it, they find a peanut, to which Ed replies "Cheap movie."
    • The Mondo A-Go Go Billboard falls on Eddy. After getting out from under it, he says "I'm really starting to hate slapstick."
    • When Edd mentions the series, he says "And it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie, Eddy."
      • Edd's statement is partially correct. While there are four specials and a movie, there are also four non-special episodes that are two parts (erroneously counting both parts makes 130 episodes). Factoring this, it actually took them 126 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie for them to achieve popularity.
    • At the end, Edd labels the blank screen with "The End", leading into the credits.
    • In a post-credits scene, Plank informs Jonny that there's no time left for their revenge scheme, as the movie is over. To this, Jonny replies "It's the end of the movie? What movie?"
  • In "O-Ed Eleven," the poster by the door in Eddy's Brother's room read "Beach Blanket Bongo." In the movie, it reads "Beach Belly Bongo."
  • A screenshot of Ed and Eddy laughing at the word "sextant" was used for the image of the "Inside Joke" card in the Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis: Animation Annihilation Deck-Building Game.

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