Ed, Edd n Eddy

A closeup of the camera.

Ed's Video Camera is a camcorder that made its first appearance in "An Ed is Born." It is the camera that the Eds used to help Eddy make a home movie to show his brother how mature he was. It's owned by Ed and, for some unknown reason, he keeps it stored in his dryer. It is a typical old-fashioned video camera that uses tapes and has a microphone attached to it. Ed mentioned that the camera is static free. The camera is also apparently very durable as it was able to survive being punched by Sarah and be undamaged by Ed's stomach acid when he swallowed it.


  • In "In Like Ed," Ed had the job of hiding a camera to spy on Kevin. Unlike Ed's camera, this camera was black/gray in color.
  • In "Dueling Eds," Kevin is seen to also possess a video camera, since he pulls one out to record the Fish Duel between Eddy and Rolf.


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