Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed's Spittin' Image of Wax was a scam that the Eds came up with in "Your Ed Here." The idea was that the Eds would make a wax replica of yourself that you could use as a decoy for your parents to punish. Interestingly enough, everyone but Kevin was willing to buy in and have Ed and Edd make casts of them. Unfortunately, Kevin found Eddy's wallet, which also contained an ID card with Eddy's middle name on it. In order to try and keep Kevin quiet, Eddy gave Kevin all of the money he got from the scam.


  1. The customer steps into a coffin.
  2. Oatmeal is poured in through a funnel and the coffin is shaken and left to settle.
  3. The customer is then removed from the coffin with a turkey baster.
  4. Crayons are inserted and melted to fill the cavity.
  5. The coffin is opened to reveal the newly made statue.