Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed's Sea Adventure was a scam that appeared in the beginning of "Floss Your Ed." The scam was a sea themed amusement park complete with the Eds wearing fitting attire. The scam's only seen customers were Jonny and Plank. Upon entry, Eddy introduced himself as King Triton. The main attraction was getting to ride the Barnacle, which was just Ed dressed up as a seal. The ride started off with Ed flinging Jonny and plank into the air, then Eddy blasted them with a hose. Edd stood by ready to catch them with a funnel, which emptied out into a water cooler. The ride concluded with Eddy spinning the cooler, then emptying them out, ending the ride. Once done, Eddy asked for 25¢ as the ride fee. Unfortunately for Eddy, all Jonny had was coconuts, which he gladly paid the Eds with. Needless to say, the scam made no profit.


  • Ed: A potato sack with leaves tied to the end for a tail.
  • Edd: A lobster costume made from red overalls, and a colander for a hat.
  • Eddy: A crown, fake beard, hula skirt, and swim fins.