Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed's Quick Repair Service was a scam that took place in "Rent-a-Ed". The Eds advertised themselves as repairmen who would fix various household items and appliances, but tended to botch these jobs (expectedly).

Their first customer was Jimmy, whose oven was overheating and would not open. Of course, Eddy barges into the room without invitation and declares that he will fix it for a quarter. In a moment of panic over his burning cookies, Jimmy hands over the task of fixing his oven and leaves the Eds alone. They obviously had no idea how to fix the oven and unfortunately for Jimmy, his oven was not fixed, as a result of Ed throwing it to the wall ruining his cookies, which burned through the floor.

The boys' next customer was Jonny, whose head was stuck in the branches of a tree outside his house. They go inside to fetch some dish soap that they could use to get Jonny, but just as they did, Ed broke Jonny's sink. While Eddy and Edd try to fix the sink, Ed disassembles Jonny's radiator. So, instead of trying to fix this, they convert Jonny's house into a spa called "Chez la Sweat." During the scam, Ed broke the support beam of the house and this caused the entire building to collapse into a heaping pile of wood and bruised children.


  • Ed: "Wait! My brain is working!" [throws Jimmy's oven into wall]

  • Jimmy: "My cookies! My ceiling! My oven!"

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