Ed, Edd n Eddy

Eds' Peek into the Future was a scam featured in "Don't Rain on My Ed". The scam consisted of Eddy firstly attracting attention to the scam and introducing it, with the price being paid by the customer. They would then be allowed to enter the facility, where Edd would guide them through a series of futuristic products (practical and impractical) and eventually letting the customer have a go at a food and wash simulator.

The scam was what the Eds' prediction of what the future would be like, with stereotypical futuristic "machines" with many different purposes, such as the Feed-Wipe-n'-Wash machine, operated by Ed behind a large piece of cardboard, and "TV shoes" which seemed ridiculous to Jonny, but Edd explains that "[he] didn't say the future was practical."

Jonny 2x4 and Plank were the only customers the Eds had before they abandoned it after hearing about Customer Appreciation Day at the candy store (where free jawbreakers were being given out) from Nazz. This is one of the few scams that can be considered to have worked without giving back refunds.

It was partially destroyed by Ed after he was told to clean up the mess by Sarah since the scam was located in Ed's garage.