Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed's Hive-Bee-Gone is a scam that was shown at the beginning of "Pop Goes the Ed." The main purpose of this scam was to get rid of beehives by smashing them up with baseball bats and getting cash for it. It is unknown who they were doing this for.


The Eds, dressed in their Hive-Bee-Gone uniforms, started their scam out by smashing up a nearby beehive (Ed and Edd did all the work while Eddy lazily stood away at a safe distance). This angered the bees, who then chased the Eds down until they reached Eddy's house. Eddy was able to get in safely, but he accidentally locked his friends out, leaving them to get stung by the aggravated bees. After the bees left, Ed asked Eddy if they could do something else. The scam was then abandoned shortly afterwards to do something else for the day. Due to the dangerous nature of the scam and the fact that no money was earned, it was never attempted again after the first time it was done and used.

Later Events[]

In "To Sir with Ed," after Eddy lied to his friends there was a snake in his house and wanted them to come help him with it, Edd and Ed were shown coming into the house with their Hive-Bee-Gone uniforms. The only difference is that the word hive is crossed out and replaced with snake, making it read, "Ed's Snake-Bee-Gone."