Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed's freezer experiment being fished from his backyard pond.

Ed's Freezer Experiment is a huge, disgusting object that was presumably constructed by Ed. It's made up of a massive rump of ham, the midsection of a large fish, two small chicken legs and several tiny sausages and resembles a huge fish. The Freezer Experiment made its first on-screen appearance in "Rambling Ed" when Sarah ordered Ed to clean it up as it bulged from the top section of the freezer. It was later seen in "X Marks the Ed" when it was accidentally fished out of Ed's backyard pond. Edd and Eddy were shocked to see it and at first had no idea what it was, but Ed explained what it was and also said that he had been wondering where Sarah had hidden it. It is unknown what experiment Ed was doing; it could be that he constructed the Freezer Experiment for no reason other then that he was bored, and may have gotten the idea from a comic book.


  • In "Rambling Ed", the fish head is a bluish-purple color, like the rest of the body. In "X Marks the Ed," the fish head is an orange-pink color. This may be due to the fish head defrosting from being in the water.
  • In "X Marks the Ed," Ed states that Sarah hid the experiment. This implies that Jonny did not deal with it when doing Ed's chores in "Rambling Ed". Alternatively, Jonny may have thrown the experiment into the pond to complete the chore.


  • Ed: "Fish! Fish!"
    Eddy: [excited] "It's mine! Reel it in, Ed!"
    Ed: "It's a fighter, Eddy!"
    Edd: [in disbelief] "Oh, please. No creature could survive in this pond!"
    Ed: "If it's not of this world, it's mine!"
    [Ed pulls up what looks like a giant fish made out of huge pieces of meat.]
    Edd and Eddy: "WHAT IS THAT?!?!?"
    Ed: [excited] "Oh goodie goodie! It's my freezer experiment! I wondered where Sarah hid it. Well, that's a keeper!"
    --From "X Marks the Ed"