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Ed's Dream World has appeared three times in the show. The first time was in "Once Upon an Ed," the second time in "Rock-a-Bye Ed," and finally in "Thick as an Ed." The first world was a B-movie version of what Ed thinks happens everyday in the Cul-de-Sac, the second world is Ed's nightmarish interpretation of what happens when Sarah tells on him, while the third is an innocent childlike drawing of reality.


The First World[]

Everything (except the kids and the special effects) is in black and white like in an old movie. In Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures, when Ed turns into Edzilla, this world's likeness appears. This world should not count as a dream world because it is just Ed's perception of "reality."

  • The Kanker Sisters turn into giants after they ate "over-radiated mashed potatoes."
  • Edd only speaks in gibberish words like "blah", "yap", and the occational "drivel" (mostly because that is all Ed thinks he says).
  • Rolf talks even stranger then before.
  • Every sentence Kevin says has 'dork' in it.
  • Nazz makes a Godzilla reference by laughing and pointing in the same manner that the screaming woman reacts and points to Godzilla's approach.
  • Sarah and Jimmy are still the same (probably because of how much time Ed spends with Sarah and briefly Jimmy and how much both Sarah and Jimmy use him to help with most of their problems). After the Kankers turn into giants, Lee steps on and crushes Jimmy and knocks Sarah away because of the impact's force.
  • The Kankers shoot beams from chickens in their armpits and turn everything they hit into hygene products like soap or deodorant.
  • Eddy behaves the same, though his dialogue is often limited to 'Kankers!' (probably because of Ed's bad memory with people's quotes he thought that Eddy mostly said that when they were confronted by the Kankers).
  • The Kankers fire kiss cannons. Once the Kankers combine their heads, the kisses are more powerful (After this, Eddy commented to Ed "Your story's getting weird!").
  • The Kankers have four toes instead of three.
  • The Kankers can apparently hide their heads in a house as with the case of May Kanker.
  • Ed has the ability to fly (possibly through flatulence), though it is easily foiled by a fly swatter.
  • The Eds were able to get in and hide in the mouse hole in Jonny's house, clearly showing that the laws of physics are not the same in this world.
  • The Kankers can merge their heads together by hitting them together. The result looks like this: Chunks of Lee, Marie, and May's hair, an ear from each sister, huge lips from all 3, 2 of May's freakishly huge buck teeth, May's nose, Lee's nose, and Marie's nose. The process can also be reversed (though that happened offscreen).
  • The dream world is probably seen as black and white because Ed's excessive television watching of black and white movies can actually rewire the brain to dream in black and white too, as based on real-life research.

The Second (Nightmare) World[]

  • The World's background is the same as in real life.
  • Ed's Mom has the face of Jonny 2x4.
  • The house becomes a court: Ed's "Mom" is the judge and there are many Sarahs as jury and some of the "court" has the backgrounds featuring Plank.
  • There is a Kanker Pit.
  • In "Rock-a-Bye Ed," it was revealed that this was a dream within a dream. (Jonny had a nightmare about Ed having a nightmare.)

The Third World (aka Ed's Dream Song)[]

  • Everything except Ed is drawn from crayon. Jonny and Plank appear, and they are drawn in crayon too.
  • Unlike the first one, this is a dream world of what Ed dreams of when he's asleep.
  • He counts till 12 and is then interrupted by Eddy.


The First World[]

The Second (Nightmare) World[]

The Third World[]

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