Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed's Dinosaur Park was a scam that appeared in "The Good Ol' Ed." It was seen in a flashback after Edd found a remote control in the time capsule and related this tale to explain the origins of the remote to Ed and Eddy. In the scam, the trio convinced Jonny, Plank and Jimmy to go back to the Triassic period in their time machine. Once their clients were in the machine, Ed took it to the the Woods, shaking it all the way, and then allowed Jonny, Plank, and Jimmy out on their own.

When the two exited, they found a world of dinosaurs. Jimmy was terrified, but Jonny and Plank enjoyed it and rode a Triceratops (really Ed in a costume). The scam failed, however, when the Triceratops crashed into the mouth of a T-Rex, and Jonny and Plank saw that Edd was really controlling the dinosaur with the remote control that started the flashback. The T-Rex then began to fall apart due to the damage it took in addition to Eddy banging on the dinosaur to check on the problem, before the left eye dropped on his head followed by the rest of the T-Rex, ending the flashback.


  • This scam may never have actually happened, as Edd was the only one who remembered it and his friends thought he was making up the story.


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