Ed, Edd n Eddy

Dive! Dive! Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, the Eds run a submarine scam at The Creek. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Network Block Party issue #28.


Down by the creek, Edd marvels at his latest creation: a homemade submarine, dubbed the S.S. ED. Impressed, Eddy plans to use it for a scam. Ed, meanwhile, is eating a jar of mayonnaise.

A nearby sign advertises Ed's Submarine Rides. Eddy's first customer is Rolf, who yearns for adventure. The cost is 25¢ for a ride, another 25¢ if he wants the buffet. Rolf, however, is content with just paying the entry fee, as he brought his own lunch. As part of the scam, the Eds also adopt nautical roles. Ed is the Torpedo, Edd is First Mate, and Eddy is the Captain.

Shortly before departure, rain begins to fall. When ready, Ed knocks the sub into the creek, then hops inside. Unknown to the Eds and Rolf, the sub is merely lodged in an embankment, and did not actually submerge. Furthermore, because it is raining, the sub windows are blurry; giving them the impression they are underwater. Ed, meanwhile, is sad that he forgot his mayo on the shore.

At a distance, Edd and Rolf see what appears to be two dolphins dancing. In actuality, it is Jimmy and Sarah splashing around in the rain.

Getting hungry, Rolf opens the bag lunch he brought aboard. Although Rolf is willing to share it, Eddy declines when he sees it's a pickled goat's head. Not liking the smell either, Eddy requests Ed get rid of it.

Following this command, Ed grabs the goat's head, and slingshots it out the window. The head then lands on Jimmy, who is still nearby. Angered by this, Sarah tears apart the submarine; attacking the Eds and Rolf. As is typical of Jimmy, he simply runs away in fear.

The comic then concludes with Jonny getting sick from eating the mayo Ed left on the shore, having accepted a dare from Plank to eat it all.


  • Goof: When Rolf says "pumpernickel", it is incorrectly spelled as "pumpernicel".
  • When splashing around in the rain, Jimmy mentions Errol Flynn, a famous Australian-American actor.