Ed, Edd n Eddy

Sarah's "Stink Juice."

Dandelion Perfume is a homemade perfume that Jimmy made for Sarah. It only appears in "The Eds are Coming." When it appeared, Sarah mentioned that she planned to use it as a weapon against the aliens, but when Jimmy complained that Sarah said she liked the perfume, Sarah hid the bottle behind her back and pretended she never said anything.

Her usage of the weapon is essentially as a grenade, as she flung it through an open window of Rolf's house to try and smoke out the aliens. Initially, it seemed to have worked, but soon the perfume came flying out again and landed on Sarah's head, enveloping her nose. The powerful stench of the perfume was then demonstrated as Sarah collapsed to the ground in pain and had to be dragged back to the rest of the fighters by her best friend.



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