Ed, Edd n Eddy

Dames, Dates & You

A tad dated, don't you think Eddy?

Edd on the book, May I have this Ed?

"Dames, Dates & You" is a book that the Eds used in "May I have this Ed?" Eddy obtained the book from his closet and claimed that it would help prepare for the dance (according to Eddy's Brother, at least). Edd notes that the book has somewhat outdated information, with some questionable tips and outdated lingo such as "send that swinging chick to cloud nine." Additionally, Ed also adopts the moniker "Charmin' Marvin" as a result of Eddy noting the book's tips for charming females.

The Eds attempted to practice some of the book's tips on a sewing mannequin, with varying results. Edd proved to have too great of a lack of self-confidence to use the tips properly and Ed ended up turning the serenade into a reenactment of one of his favored B-movies, destroying the attic in the process.

The book, however, proved relatively useless in actual practice, as it did not help Eddy and Edd when they tried to figure out what to do when Nazz waves at them. Apparently, it also had chapters involving hiding from females (likely angry ones) and abandoning comrades in need, although this may have just been sarcasm on Eddy and Edd's part. The book was not seen after this episode.


  • Ed: "Step one; send that swingin' chick to cloud nine."
  • Ed: "Squish the tomato, Double D."
  • Eddy: "Talk about everyday stuff, you know, cologne, cash… me."
  • Eddy: "Us Eds aren't chasing after any chicks."
  • Eddy: "This book is gonna' make us the sultans of swagger, the poobas of pizazz!"
  • Eddy: "Smooth move, Sockhead! Where in the book does it say to blow your buddies' cover!?"
    Edd: "I assure you, only after the chapter about abandoning your friend in his time of need!"