Ed, Edd n Eddy

The cover of Conrad the Lonely Stump.

Dickie Packford had a farm, and on that farm was a lonely stump.

Jonny reading the book to Plank

Conrad the Lonely Stump is a story book that Jonny 2x4 and Plank enjoy reading before they go to sleep. The plot involves a lonely stump named Conrad on Dickie Packford's farm, though the rest of the plot is unknown as Jonny was interrupted by the Eds breaking through his wall. The book first appeared in "Once Upon an Ed," where Jonny abandoned the book in order to hear the Eds' story of how they came to be in his wall. The cover of the book appears in "Tinker Ed," though the content within describes an unrelated story, having nothing to do with a tale about stumps, lonely or otherwise. It is instead a book of fairy tales; the one read describes the story of a tiny fairy princess.


  • The name "Dickie Packford" is an amalgamation of the names Joel Dickie and Timothy Packford, both storyboard artists.