Ed, Edd n Eddy

Club Ed was the name of the scam where the Eds built a clubhouse up in a tree in "Virt-Ed-Go." They went through many places for where they could build it; Kevin didn't want it in his backyard, the landfill was "too unsanitary", and a local mailbox was way too small. Things looked bleak until they discovered the perfect tree to house "Club Ed."

Building work was hazardous to say the least and Ed's fear of heights didn't help matters much, although it didn't excuse him from working either - Eddy and Edd were only to happy to winch him aloft, although Ed being Ed means he didn't stay up there long.

Once Club Ed was built, the boys needed members (and their money), but Eddy's hard sell act was a little too much for the other kids to swallow. Kevin was skeptical about their stock car and yacht races and Plank had an inkling that Eddy's just going to spend their fees on Jawbreakers anyway! In the end, none of it matters as the tree house had been invaded by the Kanker Sisters who changed it to "Club Kanker".

The clubhouse made another appearance in "The Day the Ed Stood Still," where Edd, Eddy, Nazz, and Rolf seek shelter in it to try to hide from Edzilla. The plan fails when Edzilla knocks down the clubhouse with his head; thus permanently destroying the club house and it was never seen again after that.

In Cartoon Network Block Party, the clubhouse appeared again in Ed, Edd n Eddy's comic "Last Nail on The Edhouse."


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