Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Cloud Platform was used and created by the Eds in "From Here to Ed" as Eddy's last act of revenge against Kevin. The platform was Eddy's "super-weapon" and was one of only two vehicles that were specifically built for war. True to its name, it looked like a cloud and blended in with the sky. To match this, the Eds were also camouflaged to match the color of the sky in order to launch a stealthy attack. It had a huge spring powered cannon on top that was built to shoot Ed at Kevin. As Eddy attempted to fire the cannon, it malfunctioned and instead shot Eddy and Edd, snapping the tree it was attached to and destroying the platform. The cannon, if it worked correctly, seemed able to fire a large projectile up to 300 yards. It was not technically a vehicle, but was mobile enough to be considered one in the air by hanging on with a tree via an extender.

Construction items[]

  • Huge Piece of Cardboard (Body)
  • Tire (Back of the Cannon)
  • Giant Spring (Launcher)
  • Pedals (activates the sequence)
  • Funnel (Fuse sight)
  • Metal Extender (Extending)
  • Mattress (That moves the cannon up and down)
  • Metal Cylinder (Cannon)
  • Two Wheels (That moves the cannon left and deploys the sequence)
  • Rope (Fuse)
  • Three Pillows (Parts of the platform)
  • Stick Shift (Lever)

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