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Clash of the Idiots was a game on the US Cartoon Network website. In it, the player is the Masked Mumbler (Edd) who has to defeat Lee Kanker 3 times so The Kanker Sisters will finally leave him and the other Eds alone.


The game was entirely probability-based. The player started out by selecting 5 moves in a menu before each round. Once the round commenced, the game would decide on who initiates their moves. Each move had a different chance of success and did varying amounts of damage. If three attacks in a row were successful, a super move was unlocked, which deal more damage.

Once all 5 moves between Lee and The Masked Mumbler have finished, the round would end, and the process will repeat of the player choosing their next moves to increase their chance of winning.

To win the game, the player must carefully choose their 5 moves per round to completely reduce Lee's health bar to zero, before Lee can do it to The Masked Mumbler.

Edd's Moves[]

  • Flying Buttress: The Masked Mumbler jumps up and crushes Lee with his butt.
  • Rejuvenate: Nazz comes out and kisses The Masked Mumbler, making him heal.
  • Trash Can Block: Eddy puts a garbage can over the Masked Mumbler to protect him from Lee's attacks.
  • Steamroller: The Masked Mumbler rolls over Lee like a steam roller.
  • Monkey Mangler: The Masked Mumbler turns into a monkey and jumps on Lee.
  • Pile Driver: The Masked Mumbler goes on his hands with his feet turning into a metal hammer that hit Lee like she is a nail.

Unlockable moves[]

  • Snake Squeeze Hold: (unlocked after the first level) The Masked Mumbler turns into a snake and squeezes Lee.
  • Super Belly Flop: (unlocked after the first level) The Masked Mumbler jumps on Lee with his belly, crushing her.
  • Stink Foot Surprise: (unlocked after the second level) The Masked Mumbler takes off his sock and puts his stinky foot in Lee's face.
  • The Big Bad Bomb Drop: (unlocked after the second level) The Masked Mumbler turns into a bomb and bombs Lee.

Lee's Moves[]

  • Pizza Dough: Lee grabs the Masked Mumbler and spins him around while throwing him up in the air.
  • Jump Rope: Lee stretches the Masked Mumbler out and plays jump rope with him as the rope.
  • Knot: Lee ties the Masked Mumbler into a knot.
  • Trash Can Block: Same as Masked Mumbler's move.
  • Workout: Lee gets a giant barbell and works out, healing herself.
  • Noogies: Lee gives the Masked Mumbler a noogie.

Lee's Unlocked Moves[]

  • Plunger: (unlocked after the first level) Lee plunges the Masked Mumbler into the ground.
  • Kiss Kiss: (unlocked after the first level) Lee kisses the Masked Mumbler.
  • Tornado: (unlocked after the second level) Lee grabs the Masked Mumbler and spins him around like a tornado.
  • Accordion: (unlocked after the second level) Lee grabs the Masked Mumbler and plays him like an accordion.

Super Move[]

  • Edd: Ed and Eddy enter the fight and knock Lee down with their arms.
  • Lee: Marie and May approach and stampede Edd.


  • The Clash of the Idiots stage was included in M.U.G.E.N, but it is unknown if it has a download link.
  • The crowd will either cheer or boo, depending on how the game progresses. If Lee either attacks or the round ends with The Masked Mumbler in a lower health than Lee, the crowd will boo. If The Masked Mumbler either attacks or the round ends with The Masked Mumbler in a higher health than Lee, the crowd will cheer.
  • The background music intentionally sounds like the Survivor song, Eye of the Tiger.
  • This game was based on the wrestling match seen in "Tag Yer Ed".
    • Edd's Super Belly Flop, Snake Squeeze Hold, and Trash Can Block are based on his moves from said match and Ed wore the same boot on his head from the match during the Eds' Super Move.
    • Lee's moves however, are lot more faithful to the episode. Marie performed the Jump Rope, Plunger, and Pizza Dough, while Lee performed the Accordion. The entire Kanker sisters performed the Knot on all three Eds.
  • The game's title is a reference to the 1981 film, Clash of the Titans.
  • Marie is slightly off-model.
  • The entire cast appear in this game. Aside from the two main combatants: Edd ("The Masked Mumbler" and Lee Kanker), Eddy and Ed appear as Edd's assistants while Marie and May Kanker appear as Lee's assistants. Nazz shows up for Edd's "Rejuvenate" move, and the rest of the kids (including Plank) sit in the background as spectators.
  • When Lee uses the Trash Can Block, Edd will always attempt to attack using the Flying Buttress. When he uses the Trash Can Block, however, Lee will attempt to attack with Plunger.
    • When doing their victory final attacks, Lee will also use Plunger, while Edd will use Super Belly Flop.
  • Lee, Marie, and Rolf have white teeth instead of their usual colors: yellow and blue (Lee), yellow (Marie), and green (Rolf).


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