Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Chunky Puff Gun is the unofficial name given to the primary weapon Kevin wielded in "The Eds are Coming." During the events of the episode, the kids and the Eds gathered together and created makeshift weapons to combat the so-called "alien" menace at Rolf's house. Kevin never got around to using the weapon during the battle, so it is unknown how well the weapon fired. The weapon resembles an assault rifle as many of the materials used to create it correspond to actual parts on an assault rifle. The gun gets its name due to the Chunky Puffs box that acts as its ammunition magazine.


  • One Chunky Puff box (magazine)
  • One milk carton (housing)
  • Two other boxes (front and rear sights)
  • One handle (grip)
  • One funnel (muzzle/integrated loudener)
  • One lever (charging handle)
  • A pin (trigger)
  • Masking Tape (Holds other pieces together)

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