Chimp World (misspelled as "Chimp Wurld") was the Eds' scam from "See No Ed," which they thought was one of their greatest scams. The Kids of the Cul-de-Sac found some strange things originating from Chimp World after they realized that the Eds went missing. The first item found was the monkey mask, then a monkey hand glove, bottle cap and a trail of bananas, which led them all to Chimp World. The kids played there without spending their money but Kevin was hesitant, claiming that the Eds were watching their every move. The Eds were not present at the scam as the Eds were busy searching for Ed's lost monkey mask.

The scam came with slides, bridges, monkey vines to go on and lots of bananas and banana-related food. Most of Chimp World was destroyed when some of these obstacles turned out to be poorly made deathtraps and jeopardized the kids. Rolf fell victim to bananas crushing his body, Jonny had his legs tangled up in some rope while hanging from his legs upside-down, Nazz had her head stuck on a tire while hanging in her underwear, and Sarah and Jimmy were clinging onto a broken bridge while holding onto each other's legs. Kevin ran away out of paranoia and cowardice as he was afraid that the Eds will get him if he stays too close to the scam any longer.


  • Many of the foods there start with the word "Banana" which is seen on the signs around the scam. Examples include "Banana Milk," "Banana Toast," "Banana Pudding," and "Banana Chowder."
  • In Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures, the scam/level, "Ed on Arrival," has many Chimp Wurld signs hung up around the level.


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